Is it safe to use heating fan in winter?
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Is it safe to use heating fan in winter?

Today, when people’s lives are improved instead of using coal heating, people often choose heating fans, this is the optimal choice in the winter of families to stay warm. However, is it safe to use heating fans and how to use them safely to ensure the health and skin of adults and children? Please refer to the following article.

Is it safe to use heating fan in winter?

  • 1. Does heating fan dry skin?
  • 2. Do heating fans burn oxygen?
  • 3. Does the fan reduce the humidity of the air, affecting the respiratory system?
  • 4. Can pregnant and postpartum babies use heat fans?

1. Does heating fan dry skin?

The heating fan is similar in style to a conventional cooling fan. However, instead of creating a circulating airflow in the room like a cooling fan, the heating fan operates on the principle of converting electricity into heat, from which the propellers will push the heat flow, possibly including humidity for heating. Warm and maintain humidity in the used space.

Fan heaters dry the skin

In the winter, many families often close the door and turn on the fan to help the room temperature increase faster, but this is also the reason why your room is humid due to the steam. This condition will cause dry, cracked skin to adversely affect health. Therefore, additional water to the body is essential now.

To overcome these weaknesses of the heating fan, users need to do the following: Ventilate the room using a fan by creating a break (without fans) and open the door slightly to circulate the air in and outside the room; use exhaust fan …

In addition, you should note that when using a fan, do not use the highest power, this will make the room and outdoor temperature difference too much, making the body susceptible to sudden colds whenever out of the room.

2. Do heating fans burn oxygen?

Heating fan burns oxygen

Some heating fan product lines now use oxygen burning technology to heat the air. So, when choosing to buy you should note before buying heating fans.

The advantage of heating devices or fans that burn oxygen is to help the room warm faster. However, the disadvantage of this product is that when used in a closed room, the fan will burn oxygen very stifling, difficult to breathe, increasing the possibility of CO2 poisoning. So, when using this product line, you should note that you should not use it continuously for a long time, especially overnight.

3. Does the fan reduce the humidity of the air, affecting the respiratory system?

Heating fan reduces air humidity

As the air temperature rises faster than the evaporation temperature, air humidity already low in the cold winter will be further reduced in the environment using a fan.

It not only affects skin health, but also is easily harmful to the respiratory system. In conditions of low humidity, the use of continuous heating fans makes the respiratory mucosa (throat, gas, bronchial …) vulnerable to cracking, bleeding and causing respiratory infections.

In order not to make the room humidity too low when using a heating fan, users should note not using the fan 24/24, can put more clean water brass in the room to increase the amount of evaporated water to increase the humidity of the air. .

Currently, on the market there are a number of product lines equipped with a humidifying system, if you need, you can refer to before choosing.

4. Can pregnant and postpartum babies use heat fans?

  Pregnant women, postpartum mothers and babies can use a fan

In the winter, with the cold weather, pregnant women and children, infants are objects with weak resistance, susceptible to cold and disease. Therefore, using a fan in the winter is very necessary. However, when using heating fans for these subjects, you should note the following:

  • Do not use at very high temperatures, should only be used at 24-25 degrees and do not use continuously for long periods of day.
  • Do not use the fan too close, the minimum distance is 1.5 – 2 meters (minimum 2 m with infants and young children).
  • Do not use fans in rooms that are too tight, so increase the humidity for the fan space (place pots of water, use exhaust fans … and can apply moisturizer to the skin).

Refer to a number of heating fan models that are trusted by many consumers today:

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