In addition to the funny appearance, there is more fun to control. The mini-size car often called “Fun Bike” in Taiwan has always been almost the world of Japanese car manufacturers. HONDA’s Gorilla, Monkey, NSR50, Magna 50, etc. They are all car models that are familiar to players. However, in recent years, Japanese car manufacturers have begun to gradually move their “Fun Bike” models to a larger 125c.c. range. The most well-known example is the Monkey 125 that has been replaced with an MSX 125 engine in recent years. In the face of the gradual decline of the 50c.c. “Pure Mini Fun Bike” market, at this time, a new car manufacturer in Thailand dropped a “rocket” on the market-that is, the Gunner 50 manufactured by Phoenix Engineering. First sold in Japan this week!

Phoenix Engineering Gunner 50. (Image source:

2021 PHOENIX ENGINEERING Gunner 50 specification table:

  • Full length/width/height: 1,670/690/1,270mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,150mm
  • Sitting height: 802mm
  • Dry weight: 75kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 4.5L
  • Engine type: air-cooled four-stroke SOHC
  • Single cylinder bore x piston stroke: 39mm x 41.4mm
  • Displacement: 49.47cc
  • Compression ratio: 7.3:1
  • Maximum horsepower: 3.26ps/8,000rpm
  • Maximum torque: 3Nm/7,500rpm
  • Starting method: electric power + step on
  • Front and rear tire size: 100/70-12, 120/70-12
  • Suggested selling price in Japan: JPY 225,500 (tax included), approximately NT$61,000

Simple, but not simple

The first thing that catches the eye is the body of the Gunner 50, whether it is a rocket launcher or a flashlight. When you look down from the main body, you can find that the Gunner 50 uses a double-cradle frame, and the cradle is surrounded by a 4-stroke 50c.c. single-cylinder engine. The appearance of the engine is 39 x. The 41.4mm engine bore/stroke combination is said to be the same as HONDA’s Super Cub/Monkey 50 car series, and may have the potential to use off-the-shelf modified parts; while Gunner 50 has a headlight assembly similar to a flashlight, and a fuel tank with a 4.5L capacity It is also naturally hidden in the body, with almost no extra bulge, which is evident by the designer’s ingenuity.

The headlights cleverly embedded in the body make the whole car look like a flashlight with two more wheels. (Image source:

The fuel tank has a 4.5L capacity and is cleverly hidden in the body. (Image source:

Placed in a double-cradle frame, the appearance and specifications are very similar to the 50c.c. engine of the Super Cub/Monkey 50 series. (Image source:

Next, see the suspension system and braking part. The Gunner 50 uses an upright front fork and a rear single-gun shock absorber setting, and places the triangle platform under the body; the front and rear wheels are all equipped with 12-inch wheels. The disc brake system with one-way dual-piston calipers should have adequate braking performance for a small engine with only 50c.c. displacement. The original tire size is 100/70 for the front wheel and 120/70 for the rear wheel. .

The front suspension adopts the fork setting. (Image source:

The rear suspension is a single-gun shock absorber. (Image source:

Although the seat does not seem to be thick, it also provides an actual seat height of 802mm, so that the rider can easily enjoy the control of the Gunner 50 without excessively curling up his limbs. The instrument panel provides 7 colors for the rider to set by himself, and the body is painted. There are 6 kinds of equipment.

A simple-looking seat cushion and a rear end that looks like a rocket warhead. (Image source:

It has 7 kinds of backlight color adjustable meters, which can display information such as speed/speed/mileage/fuel quantity/neutral light. (Image source:

Gunner 50 currently has 6 body paintings available for purchase. (Image source:

The body is compact but has a seat height of 802mm, allowing the rider to ride in a more natural riding position. (Image source:

The Gunner 50 is a mini play car model that can be seen to contain the challenge ambitions of the manufacturer Phoenix Engineering. It is currently only introduced and sold in Japan by GPX, which is also a Thai car manufacturer. Only the carburetor fueled version is available. If you want to know whether there will be manufacturers in Taiwan to introduce and sell, fans of other Gunner 50 related news, don’t forget to continue to lock in Moto7, we will continue to bring you detailed reports!

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