Is doing game operation just doing miscellaneous things? Tianmei operators share 5 essential skills

What qualities and skills are required for a good game operation? We invited Tianmei’s operation girl @Irisly to answer, and analyze (tǔ cáo) what self-cultivation a wave of game operations should possess from a more easy-to-read perspective. You are also welcome to leave a message and express your views. The editor will select 5 people to send out gifts around the goose factory before February 25.

This article was first published in the Zhihu organization number of “Tencent Tianmei Studio Group”.

“As a game operator, what is your usual job?”

“I have a little contact with everything, because game operations often require communication and collaboration with various departments.”

“That’s great, then you know a lot! You must be a fish in the water at work, let’s have a good time.”

Game operation is a work with a particularly wide range of functions. From product planning, data analysis, channel promotion to user maintenance, you can see operators.

Compared with the “planning, programming, art” R&D iron triangle with clear functions, the complicated and trivial game operation work often gives people a sense of “where to move where is needed”.

In large game companies, the division of labor in game operations is often more specific and subdivided; and if you start from a small company that “exercises comprehensive capabilities”, it is inevitable that you will have to hold multiple roles, so that when thinking about life, you will say “Miscellaneous but not sophisticated,” The soul torture of what has been done in the past few years. This is also a state of confusion that many game operations fall into.

In order to overcome this confusion, good game operations should master some survival tips, so that you can get a sense of perseverance in your daily hectic work.

1. Clarify the “main line goal” of game operation

“Is doing game operation just doing miscellaneous things?”

This is a lot of confusion in game operations.

However, the work of game operation seems messy, but there is also a clear logic behind it. Knowing this can become a “Dinghai Shenzhen” for us to get rid of confusion.

In essence, game operation is a product of the refined development of the game industry.

There was almost no game operation in the early game industry. Game developers develop games that “players may like” based on their own preferences or experience. Whether they can succeed after being launched on the market is more of a probability event.

The communication between developers and players is relatively lagging and limited, like a group of people shouting to another group in a square, and the information transmission is completely free.

In the case of a large number of people and noisy volume, it is difficult for developers to hear and respond clearly, but it will distract attention and energy.

As the game industry matures and the division of labor becomes more clear, a role similar to a “butler” is gradually differentiated, responsible for communication between players and developers, coordinating the needs of all parties, optimizing resource allocation and internal and external cooperation.

With game operations, everything began to become orderly.

After the rise of service-based games such as MMORPG, game operations can provide developers with direction guidance by collecting user feedback and sorting out data analysis, such as producing new content that players love, or fixing issues that affect the game experience, so that the game can gain players A longer-lasting favorite.

Therefore, in general, the main task of game operations is to “make game products and services meet the needs of users and extend the life cycle of games.”

As a well-rounded “housekeeper”, although the game operation is hectic, it is not without meaning. Seeing the main goal of the work and planning our own growth in a targeted manner, we can gradually become more powerful senior operations.

2. Flexible communication skills

Game operation is an important bridge connecting players and developers, internal resources and external channels, so good communication is very important.

Within a game team, although there is a cooperative relationship between different departments, communication may be disconnected or contradictory due to various reasons. Any link loss may affect the subsequent process.

From R&D, testing to market launch, once a problem occurs, a good game operator should actively intervene, actively communicate, coordinate and cooperate to avoid affecting the development progress.

Game operations are also responsible for the “demand raising” mission of improving game products, such as feedback and follow-up of bugs, design and optimization of in-game activities, version management and connection with external channels… How to effectively communicate and ensure The effect of execution is also a university question.

3. Excellent retention ability

Donghuang Taiyi once said: “Keeping people? It’s very simple!”

Strongman lock man

But the “retention” of game operations is more subtle: how to satisfy players while ensuring the interests of the team is a dynamic balance that needs to be adjusted ingeniously.

To put it simply, on the one hand, “retaining people” relies on the data analysis and communication skills of game operations, using proper data to persuade the R&D team to make correct design decisions; it is also necessary to communicate sincerely with players as much as possible, and strive for their opinions. Understanding and support.

The ability to communicate internally and externally determines the lower limit of operation retention.

On the other hand, retention depends on the event planning and “organization” capabilities of game operations.

Excellent game operations can retain the hearts of players through event planning, or prevent players who are gradually losing from walking away.

But it can also overturn.

For game operations, the secret of the activity is that players like to stay in the game, and the ability to “work” is how to do everything possible to make players like you and trust you as much as possible.

Sometimes necessary “sacrifices” must be made.

4. A stable anti-stress mentality

Internal and external communication, busy and trivial work, and remediation of accidents… These are the inevitable conditions of game operation, and in the face of various pressures, how to resolve these negative emotions is also an indispensable skill for game operation.

Personally, although I am busy at work, I will try my best to set aside some time for myself, which can be listening to songs, playing cats, and playing games to restore my vitality.

Compared with other vocational skills, the combination of work and rest is actually a skill that needs to be exercised: only by doing a good job of time and emotional management, can you work and enjoy life in a relaxed manner.

5. Maintain the motivation for active learning

Finally, back to the question “A good game operator needs qualities and skills?” I think the most important thing is the ability to learn.

Whether you are just entering the game industry, a half-knowledgeable newcomer, or a peer who has been working for a long time, in addition to passively gaining experience from work, you must also actively learn as much as possible to improve your ability and break through the advanced platform period.

When you understand the nature of game operations, you will find that although the work is messy, there are still many things worth studying: such as empathy for empathy, psychology skills for communication and persuasion, and soon, simple copywriting and communication can be learned. For research and deliberation.

Excellent game operations will also focus on cultivating their own tool-use skills, so that their work will be more effective. For example, using Excel data analysis and presentation, using PS or PR to make a sample, Axure to make a prototype… The important thing is to find the problem and find an improved solution.

Rather than getting lost in the “miscellaneous but not sophisticated”, it is better to light up more skill points and let your career path go broader and longer.

Finally, I wish you all a happy new year and a good start!

Source: Tencent GWB Games Unbounded


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