Is car wash good with dishwashing liquid?

Is car wash good with dishwashing liquid?

Not everyone knows how to properly wash a car to both clean and safe the car. So what are the notes when washing the car?

Here are some good car wash experiences.

Is car wash good with dishwashing liquid?

Currently, a lot of car washers at home often use dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent or car wash with shampoo? So is the use of these cleaners really good and safe for cars?

In fact, products such as dishwashing liquid, soap, detergent … all contain a lot of chemicals, high content of caustic soda. This caustic soda is very washable, has greasy properties and can corrode the skin, fabric … Therefore, the detergent content in these preparations is much higher than the safe level that allows for use on the layer. paint, wax to protect motorcycle or car.

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Do not use dishwashing liquid to wash cars

The use of detergents such as soap, dishwashing liquid, detergent … will damage the paint and protective wax on the car’s cover, causing them to wear. If you use such high-content detergents regularly, the car will quickly become discolored, dull and old. In addition, the use of detergents such as dishwashing liquid, detergent … is highly greasy, so when washing them, they will stick on the paint surface, which is difficult to clean.

Washing the grease off the entire surface of the car also makes the washer difficult and time consuming. If not cleaned, the detergents left on the car will adversely affect the car, the faster it becomes old and faded. In addition, washing the car with dishwashing liquid or detergent … will cause the metal parts on the vehicle such as the engine, the rim … to be affected by the chemicals in those detergents. wear leads to rust, tarnish.

It is recommended to use a special car wash solution to avoid damaging the paint surface of the vehicle

So what soap to wash the car and how to wash the car properly? To properly and safely clean your vehicle, you need to use a safe and suitable type of detergent. Currently, on the market there are a lot of specialized car soap, you should research carefully before buying to be able to choose the quality and most suitable product.

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Some notes when washing cars at home

Do not wash the car in the strong sun

Some people have a habit of washing their car in hot weather and after the car has just traveled a long journey. Many people believe that washing the car in the sun will help the car dry faster, but this is a mistake when washing a car. Because when the car is running for a long time, you will wash it in the sun, which will cause the car to have a sudden temperature change, which is very harmful to the paint outside the car.

Do not wash the car in the hot sun

Water and detergent when washing the car under the impact of high temperature sunlight will cause them to dry quickly, causing accumulation and adherence on the surface of the car. Thus, washing the car in the hot sun regularly will cause the car to quickly peel off paint, quickly fade, and deteriorate the exterior.

Do not use a poor quality towel to clean the car

Some people take advantage of old clothes or old towels to clean their car when washing. However, using few or poor quality towels will easily cause paint scratches, directly affecting the car’s appearance. The best way to protect the car when washing the car is to use a special soft cloth or towel to wash the car. Because the specialized towel will be very soft, highly absorbent, so when cleaning the car does not damage the paint surface.

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Electrical connections should be covered when washing in the vehicle engine compartment

When washing car, many people wash the car clean from the inside out, from top to bottom. The engine compartment is also a part that needs regular cleaning to ensure the most stable engine performance. To clean the engine compartment, the washers need to open the cap to clean the components. However, according to experience in washing car engine compartment properly, cleaning engine compartment must be done carefully to avoid damaging the engine. Some people often spray directly onto the engine compartment to quickly remove stains. But that will make it easier for water to penetrate electrical connections, causing short-circuiting and damage to the vehicle’s electricity.

When washing the car, cover the electrical connections in the engine compartment

To ensure the safety of the engine compartment, before spraying water, you should use waterproof materials to cover the electrical joints to prevent water from seeping. It is best not to spray water directly into the engine compartment but to use a specialized detergent to clean the details on the engine engine compartment.

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Above are some notes when washing a car that any car user should know. Regular cleaning and washing of cars is essential to protect and keep them clean. However, users need to know how to wash the car properly to avoid damage to the car.

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