Is a mini Xbox already in the boxes?

The mini consoles have been one of the commercial surprises of recent years, with some great successes like that of the SNES mini. A love of the good old which translates into beautiful euros for builders who have scented the perfect vein. A financial windfall on which Microsoft should soon throw itself, which seems to have decided to launch a “new” on the market mini Xbox first of the name.

A rumor that has its source in one of the recent Twitter posts of a certain Seamus Blackley. A name that doesn’t mean anything to you, and yet the guy was one of the brains behind the very first Xbox, just that.

So, the latter asked his community if they would be interested in buying an Xbox console that would look like the picture and could only run games from the original Xbox, as you can see here:

Considering the directions the Xbox brand has taken in recent years towards digital, there is no doubt that this product, if it were to become a reality, would be a surprising choice for the brand.

Indeed, the American firm is currently doing everything possible to push players on its Game Pass, even if it means being tackled by its community for its lack of subtlety. A potential mini Xbox which would arrive soon enough, the console not yet being elevated to the rank of retro Madeleine de Proust.

Anyway, it is our duty to remind you that you are here facing a beginning of the track which has not yet been officially commented (and even less confirmed) by Microsoft itself.

Therefore, we can only remind you that we will be extremely attentive to the next steps taken by Xbox to bring you any relevant news that arises regarding a potential mini Xbox.


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