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ironSource: All kinds of games increase their investment in ultra-casual games

According to a survey report released by AppsFlyer on November 11, the total number of installations of ultra-casual games has increased by 90% year-on-year globally, and the number of unorganized installations caused by marketing activities has increased by 250%. . While downloads have soared, the realization of ultra-casual games has also made good progress.

According to data from ironSource, the spending of major game manufacturers on advertising in ultra-casual games is increasing significantly.

The latest survey results show that from January 2019 to May 2020, the demand for advertising in ultra-casual games by major game manufacturers has increased significantly: interstitial advertising and rewarded video advertising expenditures have increased by more than 160% and 70%, respectively.

The interstitial ads and rewarded videos placed in ultra-casual games by major game manufacturers have increased by more than 160% and 70% respectively. The image is from ironSource
All game types (including arcade, gambling, puzzle, role-playing and shooting games) have increased their advertising spending on “ultra-casual games.” Among them, puzzle games and arcade games have the largest increase in advertising spending on “ultra-casual games” (over 100%).

The increase in ad spending on “ultra-casual games” for all game types, image from ironSource

The data report also shows that the ROAS of advertising in “ultra-casual games” and advertising in “in-app purchase games” are almost the same. For advertisers, ultra-casual games are becoming a good customer acquisition channel. Correspondingly, the advertising of ultra-casual games has more room for realization.

According to SensorTower’s data, the US is still the largest market for ultra-casual games. In the United States, after some lockdown measures were taken due to the new crown epidemic, the viewing rate of in-game ads has increased significantly compared to before the lockdown.

The view rate of in-game ads in the U.S. market after some lockdown measures have been taken by the COVID-19 pandemic. Image courtesy of ironSource

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