Marvel announces cut scenes of the final battle in Endgame: Iron Man that almost fights each other with Doctor Strange - Photo 2.
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Iron Man almost "fights" with Doctor Strange

After the Disney + platform officially launched on November 12, Marvel enthusiastically treated fans with a series of videos that were not shown in Avengers: Endgame. The first is the other ending for Black Widow on a mission to Vomir to get the Soul Stone; and now all the details have never been published in the final battle between the Avengers and the Thanos army.

All scenes were cut during the final battle between Avengers and Thanos.

Some remarkable passages can be summarized as follows:

– Star-Lord showed Rocket and Mantis that Gamora is still alive, but this is actually Gamora from 2014. Not understanding what is happening, Mantis innocently asked: "Is she a zombie?”.

– There is 1 whole segment of superheroes teamed up together and the next tactical abacus. Iron Man thinks they should throw the glove with the six infinity stones into the Quantum Realm so Thanos will never get it. However, because this scene was quite long, there were many lines, not suitable for the action at the time, so it was cut off.

– Tony Stark met with Doctor Strange and asked if this was the prospect of Avengers defeating Thanos. But, like in the official movie, Strange the witch refused with the reason: "If I tell you, it won't come true”. Tony then got quite angry, grabbed the partner's collar and asked him to say how they won the match. Without Star-Lord intervening, I'm afraid the two of them will "fight" right in the middle of the battlefield.

– After hesitating, discussing, Hawkeye handed the infinity glove to Black Panther. In the official version, the battle for this glove takes place at extremely high speed like a rugby game, without the relaxing and resting minutes, as the above cut tactics.

Tony Stark almost "Doctor" Strange for refusing to say how the Avengers won Thanos.

Along with the cut scenes, Marvel also released the book Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame – The Art of the Movie, which contains a lot of secrets in the making of its blockbuster movie. One of them is a draft script with a powerful twist: The person who made the historic snap is not Iron Man, but Nebula 2014 version (readers can read more in this article).

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