Iraq gathered forces, allied Americans turned away

Iraq gathered forces, allied Americans turned away

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                        Iraqi paramilitary groups are holding a meeting to discuss the establishment of a united front against the US military.

Al-Mayadeen reported on January 8 that Iraq’s paramilitary groups are holding a meeting to discuss the establishment of a united front against US troops currently stationed in the Middle East country. .

Al-Mayadeen quoted Harakat Al-Nujaba spokesman Nasser Al-Shammari as saying that the meeting would be held by leaders of the Iraqi resistance forces.

The meeting came just two days after the Iraqi Congress voted to pass a bill to expel the US Armed Forces and all foreign troops of the Alliance against Terrorism from Iraq.

Iraq taped at the same time, My allies turned around
Paramilitary forces of Iraq.

After the event, President Donald Trump announced that the US would not withdraw troops from Iraq if Baghdad did not pay for the Balad Military Base that US forces have long been stationed in the country.

“The United States has an extremely expensive air base in Iraq. It cost billions of dollars to build long before my term. We will not leave until Iraq pays for those bases.” Mr. Trump confirmed.

President Trump also threatened to impose “a large-scale punishment Iraq has never seen before”, even tougher than the sanctions against Iran, if Baghdad forced US forces to withdraw troops and no bar. Payment for Balad base.

Earlier, on January 7, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Washington had no intention of withdrawing troops from Iraq. There are currently 5,200 US troops stationed in Iraq and are the largest army in the international alliance against the Islamic State terrorist organization (IS) in the region.

“At some point we want to withdraw, but not now,” said US President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Chief of Staff of Canada’s defense force, General Jonathan Vance, said on January 7 that he would temporarily send about 500 Iraqi soldiers stationed in Iraq to Kuwait for safety reasons.

“The situation in Iraq is very complicated, so it is best for us to pause our work there to focus on the safety and security of our troops,” Vance said.

Similarly, Germany temporarily withdrew some of its 120 troops currently stationed in Iraq. The French news agency said 32 German soldiers stationed at Camp Taji near Baghdad would fly to al-Azraq air base in Jordan and three others would arrive in Kuwait.

Hungarian Defense Minister Tibor Benko shared that Hungarian troops in Iraq were ready to evacuate “if necessary” but that they would remain, unless an official withdrawal order was made.

A NATO official has announced the dispatch of some military training officers from Iraq but did not provide specifics.

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