Iran's foreign minister apologized for the information leak in the video

Iran’s foreign minister apologized for the information leak in the video

Iran’s Foreign Minister on Sunday (May 2) apologized for his comments leaked to the public last week, including a personal assessment of the country’s struggle for power, in which There is also a section that concerns former Secretary of State John Kerry. These comments have become “political scandals” in Iran when less than two months later this country will take place the presidential election.

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Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has been the face of Iran’s diplomacy on a wide range of issues, including talks with world powers on how to revive Iran’s 2015 nuclear accord that Washington has come from. quit three years ago.

Zarif’s leaked recordings include his candid comments on the powerful late Qassem Soleimani, who was killed by the US drone attack in Iraq last year; as well as complaints about his policies in Syria and his relations with Russia.

Using language rarely heard in politics in Iran, Mr. Zarif has complained about the degree of influence Soleimani – the late leader of the Guard Corps’ Overseas Secret Quds Force, over the policy. foreign Affair. He hinted that General Soleimani was trying to ruin the 2015 nuclear deal by colluding with Russia.

In the seven-hour video, which can be seen at times, Mr. Zarif seemed very nervous. Zarif’s leaked comments subsequently sparked controversy in Iran.

“I hope that the great people of Iran and all those who love the generals (Soleimani) and especially Soleimani’s extended family, will forgive me”, Mr. Zarif said in an Instagram post.

Not only Iran, but also shocking US politics, when Mr. Zarif said that John Kerry, when he was Secretary of State under President Barack Obama, informed him about more than 200 Israeli operations in Syria.

Mr. Kerry has said in the past that he had met Mr. Zarif at least twice during the time when Donald Trump was at the head of the White House. President Trump at the time said that Mr. Kerry should be “indicted.”

Many Republicans have called Mr. Kerry’s disclosure to Iran’s foreign minister as a betrayal of Israel, an important US ally in the Middle East. Some Republican members have even called on Mr. Kerry to step down as Biden’s special envoy on climate.

Sen. Ted Cruz said in a statement on Daily Wire: “If the tapes are verified, this would mark Special Kerry’s catastrophic reckless behavior and disqualification of Secretary of State Mohammad Javad Zarif, jeopardizing the safety of Americans and co-workers. our intelligence. And this matches his pattern of long-term empowerment of the Iranian government. Mr. Kerry has poured hundreds of billions of dollars into the Ayatollah regime’s terrorist bank accounts [Iran], during the Obama presidency, [Kerry] was close friends with Mr. Mohammad Javad Zarif. During the Trump administration, Mr. Kerry was repeatedly seen meeting Mr. Mohammad Javad Zarif (in spite of the Logan Act) – and never made it public what they discussed. ”

Mr. Kerry later denied the allegations that he, while in office, had informed Iran’s foreign minister about the Israeli military’s activities in Syria.

In a speech aired the following Sunday, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei appeared and angered at the incident, though he did not directly call Zarif by name.

“It is a big mistake that an Islamic Republic official cannot make”, Mr. Khamenei said, regarding the leaked comments. “Some of the comments made by the officials are unfortunate and surprising.”

He added: “Some of these comments are a repetition of what Iran’s enemies said.”

“Nowhere in the world does the State Department decide foreign policy. There are higher level officials to make decisions and policies. Of course, the State Department was involved as well. ”

In recent weeks, many speculations have raised that Mr Zarif, the Iranian official believed to be most closely tied to the now-canceled Nuclear Agreement, will challenge other opponents in the upcoming vote. next.

Some critics argue that Zarif’s comments on the video are intended to attract votes from disillusioned Iranians with a stagnant economy and lack of political and social freedoms.

However, Mr. Zarif said he had no intention of running.

Iran has imposed a travel ban on 15 people on charges related to the leaked recording.

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