Iran's largest naval ship caught fire and sank into the sea

Iranian naval ship enters the Atlantic for the first time

Two Iranian naval ships, the destroyer Sahand and the logistics helicopter carrier Khark, have entered the Atlantic Ocean.

According to Reuters news agency, the event marked the first time the Iranian navy has sailed to this sea. The two ships above made a 30-day voyage.

Today (June 10), Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari announced that both ships – both developed by Iran, had entered the Atlantic Ocean after a journey of nearly 6,000 nautical miles (nearly 12,000 km). He stated that the presence of Iranian naval ships in the Atlantic Ocean reflects the country’s belief in the inviolability of the Iranian navy when sailing in international waters.

“The fleet of ships left Bandar Abbas on May 10 and, after a 30-day journey, passed through the Cape of Good Hope, now in the Atlantic Ocean,” the official said. He added that the Iranian navy is dedicated to the mission of protecting the country’s territorial waters and protecting Iran’s resources and interests at sea.

In 2012, Iran announced that its goal was to deploy warships to international waters off the coast of the United States within the next few years.

Hoai Linh

Iran’s largest naval ship caught fire and sank into the sea

The largest ship of the Iranian navy caught fire and then sank in the Gulf of Oman under unknown circumstances, Iran’s semi-official news agencies reported.


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