Iran warned the United States of hindering oil tankers from going to Venezuela
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Iran warned the United States of hindering oil tankers from going to Venezuela


Iran warned the United States of hindering oil tankers from going to Venezuela



The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready for the worst scenario in the current tension with the US regarding the Iranian ship carrying oil to Venezuela. The relationship between Venezuela and Iran is not a matter of duty of other countries.

An Iranian oil tanker on the Red Sea. (Photo: PressTV)

This is a tough message from Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei at a regular press conference on May 18, when answering a reporter’s question about how Iran would react if the US had it. behavior that hinders Iranian tankers’ port to Venezuela.

“The Iranian Foreign Minister has issued the necessary warning messages and this issue has also been discussed by the Iranian government and the Supreme National Security Council. We hope that the United States will not make this mistake. However, we considered every situation and got ready for the worst scenario, ”said Rabiei.

Speaking at a press conference on May 18, Rabiei said that, although it is still too early to comment on Iran’s reaction to the actions that the US can take. But Iran will reserve all options if the US encounters this mistake, as well as take appropriate actions to protect freedom of navigation and enhance the deterrence of violations of maritime law.

In addition, the Iranian government spokesman also called on the international community to uphold the freedom of international waters and protect maritime traffic. According to Rabiei’s argument, US actions are setting a “bad precedent”. In fact, Iran and Venezuela are the two countries that have long maintained good relations and trade activities. This relationship has nothing to do with other countries. All of these are within the framework of international law and sound business practices.

In a meeting with Iran’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Hatami on May 18 warned that Iran would respond strongly to provocative acts. to protect national security. On this occasion, Mr. Hatami referred to the Iranian missile attack on Ain al-Assad base – the US garrison station in Iraq in response to the US murder of Iranian special command – Qassem Soleimani. early 2020.

Speaking at a press conference on May 18, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi also warned the US will be responsible for any “stupid” actions against Iranian tankers in action. to Venezuela. Mousavi said that the United States can not interfere with legal trade activities between independent states.

According to the Associated Press, 5 Iranian tankers – which can carry at least $ 45.5 million of fuel – are moving to Venezuela. This is part of a larger agreement between Iran and Venezuela, made amid growing tensions between Iran and the US. The Iranian ships carrying tons of oil to Venezuela at a time when the two allies are suffering from US sanctions is not desirable by the Washington government. Even a US official warned that there would be “action” in response to this “unwarranted” development.

Meanwhile, PressTV satellite channel said that the US Navy has deployed combat ships USS Detroit (LCS-7), USS Lassen (DDG-82), USS Preble (DDG-88), USS Farragut ( DDG-99) and Boeing P8-Poseidon anti-submarine patrol aircraft to the Caribbean to get ready for the scenario of clashes with Iranian ships.

Ahead of the incident, on May 17, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif issued a tough warning message to the US scenario of conducting provocative acts through the deployment of naval forces to the Caribbean. The purpose is to hinder the journey of fuel tankers from Iran to Venezuela. In a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Zarif accused the US of sending “dangerous and provocative” threats against Iranian tankers, calling it a “threat.” serious “to world security and peace.

Not only that, Iran also summoned Swiss Ambassador to this country to express its opposition to the alleged provocative action from the US. Switzerland is currently the representative of US interests in Iran after the hostage crisis of 1979./.

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