Iran used 700 warships to commemorate the capture of the American ships

Iran used 700 warships to commemorate the capture of the American ships

(News 24h) – According to Tasnim news agency, on January 9, Iran held a naval parade in the Persian Gulf with the participation of more than 700 warships and military ships.

The event took place just before the 5th anniversary of the arrest of US naval sailors encroaching on Iranian territorial waters. The parade took place near the strategic island of Farsi, with the participation of warships of the paramilitary Basij navy and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

In the past, the IRGC and the US military have had several clashes in the Gulf. The United States and Iran accuse each other of escalating tensions amid concerns about a possible conflict between the two sides when Iran commemorates a 1-year affair with General Qasem Soleimani – Commander of the elite Quds force of the IRGC, US murdered in drone strike in Iraq.

Iran uses 700 billion of the registered capital immediately in the US
American soldiers on board were captured by Iran.

On January 12, 2016, two US naval vessels en route from Kuwait to Bahrain entered Iranian territorial waters in the Persian Gulf and were captured by IRGC forces. Among the arrested sailors were 9 men and 1 woman.

A few days later, Iranian forces released these sailors when it was confirmed that the US ships had mistakenly entered Iranian territorial waters due to a failed navigation system.

Tasnim news agency added that, along with the parade of 700 warships of all kinds, Iran also announced a new version of the Ra’ad-500 – the missile line that is beyond the intercept of THAAD and Patriot.

What distinguishes the Ra’ad-500 from most previously produced Iranian missiles is that the Raad-500 is cheaper, lighter, faster and more accurate, according to the IRGC. Ra’ad-500 is a new generation missile line applying Iran’s most advanced technology at present.

Thanks to the use of carbon fiber composites, the weight of the Ra’ad-500 missile is only about 1.8 tons, half lighter than its predecessor Fateh-110 (metal body), and at the same time raising its range to over 500km.

The missile is equipped with Zoheir propulsion system using new solid fuel with more stable performance. Although not disclosing the specific combat features of the Ra’ad-500, the IRGC has released some images of the engine testing as well as the weapon’s ability to attack accurately in the field.

Along with that, the warhead of the Ra’ad-500 missile can also be disassembled, making it easy to maintain and transport. This is a significant improvement over previous versions of Iran’s Fateh-110, Fateh-313 missiles.

IRGC commander Major General Hossein Salami said that because of its short-range ballistic missile and flying at speeds above Mach 4, the Ra’ad-500 has a very low ceiling and can change its trajectory when attack target.

Intercepting this new line of Iranian weapons is almost impossible with any advanced defense system.

“The Ra’ad-500 flew too low for high-altitude systems like the THAAD to detect it and too fast for the Patriot to deal with. So when the enemy found it, the missile was too close and didn’t have enough time. missile interceptor launch, “Iran’s General announced.

Especially with the introduction of a new missile line into service, the IRGC also announced the start of operations of a new naval base near the Strait of Hormuz. The reason lies in the most important sentence position on the world’s oil transportation, where frequent incidents and conflicts between Iran and the US occur.

The base is known to be located in Sirik, an Iranian coastal town east of the Strait of Hormuz, which was officially launched on Wednesday in a ceremony attended by IRGC Chief Commander, Major General Hossein Salami ,

“With the opening and inauguration of this base, the country’s combat operations, ship operations, reconnaissance as well as defense and attack activities in the Persian Gulf will further develop,” said the general. Salami declared.

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