Iran suddenly sent warships close to the Israeli coast

Iran suddenly sent warships close to the Israeli coast

On the morning of June 18, regional media learned that a group of Iranian warships in the Atlantic Ocean suddenly changed course and entered the Mediterranean Sea – according to Syrian sources, the Iranian warships can demonstrate to Israel their presence near the country’s border, moreover the fleet will most likely call at the port of Tartus.

It is noteworthy that the Iranian warships changed course suddenly and were initially thought to be heading for Venezuela. However, after Israel announced that it was about to start a new military operation in the Gaza Strip, it does not rule out the possibility that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) will monitor the situation and may intervene in the conflict. conflict.

There is currently no official comment from Tehran on this matter, but experts say that before that, it is quite rare for Iran to send its warships to the Mediterranean Sea.

Iran is defeated by Israel
It is not clear what Iran’s purpose was when it sent warships near the Israeli coast

Russian analysts from Avia-pro do not rule out the possibility that Iran’s naval fleet could also participate in a military operation against Turkish-backed jihadists, but as there is no official statement so far this is just conjecture.

In addition, they also commented that Iranian warships have very limited combat capabilities, they lack strong enough anti-aircraft missiles, while anti-ship missiles are just copies of China’s C-802 prototype. , completely incapable of threatening a powerful adversary like Israel.

The prospect of a group of Iranian warships entering the Syrian port of Tartus is also underestimated, because Russia has not shown any signs of agreeing to another foreign force sharing key military bases in the Republic of Korea. Arab Republic.

Therefore, the highest possibility is that the above group of Iranian warships, after “walking” around the Mediterranean, approaching the coast of Israel to flaunt their prestige, will quickly withdraw to their bases in their homeland. .

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