Iran 'pushed' Russia out of the T4 airport

Iran ‘pushed’ Russia out of the T4 airport

According to the Syrian news agency Zaytun, the Russian Army has left the T4 air base located in the province of Homs. Currently, Russian soldiers are removing equipment, inventory, weapons and ammunition from the said military airport.

Of particular note is that two days ago, eight military trucks were discovered at the exit from the airbase, which led to speculation from regional situation analysts that the reason for the This was due to some sort of pressure from the authorities of Damascus and Iran.

Based on preliminary data, the Russian Army was transferred to a military airport on the outskirts of the city of Kamyshly, where the Russian Aerospace Forces’ helicopters – previously stationed at T4 air base.

Iran 'day' Russia launched T4
The T4 air base is now completely under the control of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards

However, there is currently no official comment on the developments from representatives of the Russian Army, the Damascus government as well as the IRGC. Even so, experts pay attention to the fact that the additional Russian presence at T4 airbase involves some risk.

Experts say that taking into account the Russian troops leaving the military airport, this is a condition that will allow Israel to increase the intensity of attacks against the Iranian armed forces in Syria.

In the near future, the defense of the T4 base will be entirely based on anti-aircraft missile complexes manufactured by Iran, because Russia will surely withdraw the early warning radar stations from here and do not share data. for the Tehran side, this can be seen as a hasty move for the IRGC.

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