Iran investigates the commission of the Hankuk Chemi MT Hankuk Chemi agreement of Korea pictured 1Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Force (IRGC) high-speed boats escort the tanker MT Hankuk Chemi bearing the Korean flag in the Gulf on January 4, 2021. (Photo: IRNA / VNA)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran February 2 announced that Tehran had allowed the crew of the Korean oil tanker to leave the country, at the request of Seoul.

A spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry stated: “In a humanitarian move by Iran, shipper of the Tankers South Korea is accused of doing Environmental pollution in the Gulf of Persia has been allowed to leave. “

Earlier, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on January 4 arrested South Korea’s MT Hankuk Chemi for oil pollution. However, the ship’s operator MT Hankuk Chemi has denied the Iranian side’s allegations.

[Iran nêu điều kiện để thả tàu MT Hankuk Chemi Hàn Quốc]

This ship carries out the voyage from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a crew of 20 people who are citizens of many countries, including Vietnam.

The ship is anchored at a port in Bandar Abbas – a city on the southern coast of Iran. The Korean government has promoted many diplomatic measures to soon release the ship and its crew.

Thanh Phuong (VNA / Vietnam +)