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iPhoneSE 2020 teardown reveals interesting facts about battery and camera

We have been waiting to see what parts Apple ’s new iPhone has—our iPhone SE review leaves us with some questions we want to answer, and the early disassembly of iFixit ’s iPhone SE has begun to provide some of them.

In a few days, the battery capacity of the iPhone SE will reach the same 1821 mAh as the iPhone 8.

We suspect that there may be a smaller power pack-the battery life of the iPhone SE seems very similar to what the iPhone 8 provides (and Apple confirmed on its website that it should be the same), with efficiency improvements, given by the A13 bionic chipset We should expect the new iPhone SE to last longer.

Therefore, when it comes to battery life, perhaps the size of the internal power supply unit is the most important for Apple phones. Otherwise, iPhone SE 2020 is likely to last longer than the iPhone 8 in 2017 … but our testing is still continuing to see what we can find.

However, for those who want to keep the new iPhone SE for a few years, there is good news: some components used in the iPhone 8 are reused in the iPhone SE 2020.

Elements like the Taptic engine, SIM card tray and display structure are obviously the same as those used on the iPhone 8, which means that these parts will be more stocked, so if you need repairs in the next few years, hope they will be cheaper .

According to the fearless unscrewers dismantling, they also found that the camera array is the same as the iPhone SE. The iPhone 8 uses 8-indicating an improved image signal processor inside the iPhone, bringing the new A13 Bionic processor that really worked.

We want to know whether Apple has upgraded the camera hardware of the iPhone SE based on the iPhone 8 despite the same specifications. But in fact, the components are the same, which means that huge improvements in color reproduction and low-light performance are impressive reasons to buy the new iPhone SE.

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