iPhone XR dropped to only 17.49 million, Galaxy S9 + was 13.49 million, many other smartphones also decreased

iPhone XR dropped to only 17.49 million, Galaxy S9 + was 13.49 million, many other smartphones also decreased

This weekend, retailers such as Mobile World, FPT Shop and Vien Thong A all launched discount programs to push goods. These programs will end today 2/6.

The most prominent is the iPhone XR 64GB memory version for the first time at 17.49 million. This can be seen as the cheapest 2018 iPhone today. The device shares the processor with iPhone XS but LCD screen instead of OLED, and uses single camera and not dual camera so the price is cheaper.

iPhone XR.

However, a reduction of up to VND 2.5 million is great for those who intend to buy this phone or want to own the latest iPhone.

Another noteworthy smartphone is Galaxy S9 + red wine is only 13.49 million dong, the price is extremely attractive when some places are still selling at 17.99 million dong, which is 3.5 million dong difference. copper.

Galaxy S9 + red wine.

Launched from 2/2018, Galaxy S9 + currently has the successor version of the S10 + so it is being promoted by supermarkets to push inventory. Some places are out of the new S9 +.

Although it has been launched for more than a year but is a high-end line of Samsung, S9 + is definitely a worthy choice, especially when it comes to price only 13.49 million VND.

If S9 + is reduced to 3.5 million, it is still not attractive, the customer has another option that is more thoughtful, is the new S10, which is reduced to 2.5 million dong to only 18.49 million dong.

Galaxy S10 occasionally returns 18.49 million VND in special promotions, then sells the listed price of 20.99 million VND. However, this time the opportunity to buy S10 with this price is only one day today.

The S10 has been upgraded to the processor compared to the S9 / S9 +, and has a more overflow screen, and especially the 3 wide-angle camera, ultra-wide angle and 2x zoom.

Another iPhone also lost 2 million dong, the 64GB iPhone X, and 20.99 million dong. As the first iPhone of Apple started the "rabbit ears" screen, after nearly two years of market launch, the device still kept the price quite well while at the same time it was Galaxy S9 + fell to 13.49 million. The closest to the iPhone X is the 64GB XS that is selling for 25.99 million dong.

At the lower price range, the Samsung A9 2018 also reduced its price, from VND 9.49 million to VND 7.49 million. This is Samsung's first smartphone with up to 4 cameras, with cameras for wide-angle photography, ultra-wide angle, normal angle, and camera for depth measurement.

Galaxy A9 2018.

In addition to the above good discounts, many other smartphones have reduced their prices. The machines in the mid-range segment at the weekend also have new prices, such as iPhone 6S Plus 32GB (8.99 million), iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (12.99 million), iPhone 8 Plus 64GB (18.99 million), Oppo F9 (6.19 million), Oppo A7 (5.09 million), Vivo V15 128GB (7.49 million), Redmi 7 32GB (3.49 million).


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