iPhone XI revealed the sharpest leak image row: Frustrated with disappointment waiting for everyone - Photo 1.

iPhone XI "reveals" the sharpest leak photo: Frustrated with frustration for anyone who is waiting

The period from now until the end of the year will witness quite a lot of landslides of high-end "blood-face" smartphones from many big brands, but the most prominent is probably the iPhone XI generation. ant. Despite the information leaked about configuration and power, what most fans need is always close-up images, because "hundreds don't sound like it".

The bridge was estimated, in the latest development, the high quality leaked photo series on iPhone XI has just been leaked from a reputable source:

However, contrary to expectations like every year, it seems that these images are partly making the fan community really cry out and be disappointed, together expressing boredom. The majority of comments suggested that the iPhone XI would really look like a version 2 iPhone XS, no difference in appearance except for minor points. The cluster of square cameras seems unique but still not enough to calm the fans' hearts, even being … crippled by the fastidious people.

Reportedly, Mobile Fun – the UK's popular smartphone retailer brand – is the source of the sharp images. In fact, this information, which has been revealed from Apple's longtime accessory partner Olixar, often receives early designs of the new iPhone generation to work on schedule. Some time ago, they revealed a bit of news about iPhone XI, but this time they are much more specific images, including the case of the case they are producing.

It is not difficult to understand that Mobile Fun and Olixar also have a good working relationship together, so they exchanged images beforehand. As per the temporary evidence above. iPhone XI has been seen in every sharp detail corner. However, there are some disagreements with other views, given that the camera frame around the lens will be the same color as the back, not the whole black square as a photo.

All answers will be available in the first half of September, certainly. Look forward to all the next hot news.

Reference: BGR


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