iPhone XI completely expose the sample image, being drowned in the bottom not floating up - Photo 1.

iPhone XI completely expose the sample image, being "drowned" at the bottom, could not stand up

The rumors and the leaked photos of smartphone products that have not been released before have become so familiar every year, including Ben Genskin is a cult name. Not only has a wide relationship to earn a lot of hot news, Geskin also has a deep design expertise, making many model models by hand based on rumors that he thinks is the most authentic.

A few days ago, Geskin publicly published a photo of the iPhone XI model made by itself, adapted from the information I collected. In part, it is confirmed that this is the final design of the iPhone XI, he also wants to let netizens and fans know in advance to "get used to" this image.

"Model iPhone XI and XI Max with 3 rear camera system. Do you find it easy to get used to this new design?"

However, contrary to the general thoughts of passionate Apple fanatics, many decrying words were pulled, bringing iPhone XI down to the bottom of the catastrophe. Under the photo of the actual model, they think this is really a terrible disappointment.

iPhone XI completely exposes the sample image, being drowned in the bottom without floating up - Photo 2.

Close up of Geskin's model.

Underneath this post, nearly 900 comments in response were almost disparaging, so finding a comforting sentence was as difficult as searching for a needle in the bottom of the tank. "How terrible", "Look how strange", "Maybe Steve Jobs will fire someone if he is alive"… are conspicuous comments and agree with many people.

In addition to the general design, there were not many changes, one aspect was also drawn by the fans: Constructing convex cameras from the back. Although there were many explanations that Apple tried to perfect the best camera possible, the part of the stuffing there made them protrude from the chassis. However, it is probably not something that fans care about, especially when this issue has existed since the time of iPhone 6 so far has not been overcome at all.


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