iPhone X explodes, Apple is sued again

iPhone X explodes, Apple is sued again

Apple is facing a lawsuit because the iPhone X exploded in the pocket of a man in Australia.

Although the incident happened in 2019, scientist Robert De Rose has so far decided to sue Apple. The reason Robert De Rose sued Apple because the company could not meet his requirements.

“I heard a small thump, followed by smoke, and felt a burning pain in my right leg. I jumped and realized it was from my phone ” – Mr. Robert De Rose recounted the situation of his iPhone X exploded. He was sitting in his office then and felt a throbbing in his thighs with strange sounds coming from his pocket.

iPhone X exploded in his pocket Robert De Rose. (Photo: 7 News)

His device had been around for about a year at the time of the iPhone X explosion. Mr. Robert De Rose claimed he had second degree burns in his thighs and peeling skin.

Mr. Robert De Rose has repeatedly contacted Apple but received no satisfactory answer. So he decided to work with the law firm Carbone Lawyers to sue Apple and claim compensation. The company is also providing legal support to an Apple Watch user in Melbourne for “burns from the wrists caused by the watch overheating”.

On the Apple side, a spokesman for the company said they are very concerned about the safety of customers, so they will consider both complaints above.


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