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iPhone vs. Android phones: Which one suits you better?

Better Android or better iPhone? There is no exact answer, each has its strength, and only the phone is more suitable for you. These are the points that each operating system outperforms its competitors, this article will give you an overview to know which one suits you better.

Android things do better

Much cheaper

Android phones now have much better prices than iPhones (new iPhones of 20 million or more), even high-end phones are usually slightly lower. Without a large wallet, or simply don't want to spend too much money on smartphones, about 10 million back you already have a good phone close to the iPhone and can be used regularly every day without feeling uncomfortable.

Of course, to be more happy, the more beautiful machine, the more money you have to spend to get the ones like Galaxy S10, Huawei P30 Pro. Xiaomi is leading the high-end configuration segment with the Mi 9 and the upcoming Redmi K20 Pro, of course, compared to cameras or designs not yet with other flagship phones. That money yet.

Various appearance models

iPhone only gives you a choice of 1-2 models, while Android phones are extremely diverse, rich in design. Android manufacturers are also constantly updating their youthful, modern and more personality designs, things they think Apple will never do. And you have to admit that Android devices are more eye-catching and attractive than iPhone.

Not to mention the new series of phones this year also has a thin, slimmer case than the iPhone, looks very sexy and attractive.

Better camera

Four years ago, the iPhone might be impressed by its ability to take pictures, but it was over. Now Android phones can produce excellent images across or over the iPhone, even more. Night mode on Galaxy S10 or Google Pixel or Huawei P Serreis is so great that you can't believe it's a low-light shot. Shooting outdoors in the morning, the high-end phones are all beautiful. Some of you may also prefer the color of Android devices rather than the color of photos taken from the iPhone.

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Higher customization ability

Customizing the main screen, customizing themes, some companies like Sony also allow to adjust both the navigation bar and many system components. These things you only dream about when you see on iOS, Apple will never bring these functions to iPhone. This "bondage" is not everyone's favorite, and if you have the time, you can buy an Android phone to refine it to best suit your interests and habits.

Now the root case is no longer important. In the past, we bought Android phones, we used to root to install more functions, but now that Android is mature and the company integrates most of what is needed into the phone, you don't need root or mod your device anymore. The iPhone side is similar, you do not need to jailbreak what the machine does anymore.

Things iPhone does well

Fast and stable operation

iPhones often run fast and stable, rarely suffer from software flaws and are highly reliable, when you need it, it will work, the function works fine. High performance is also a point you will almost certainly have when buying an iPhone, because the iPhone does not have the cheap version as the Android phones should always be equipped with Apple their best. Even the iPhone XR, considered "cheap", has a close configuration with iPhone XS and runs, of course, smooth, fast, and stable.

This will happen at least within 3 years since you bought the device, and then it will be slightly slower because the updates are getting heavier than the device's configuration. However, 3 years is quite enough for the life of a phone, then you are about to upgrade.

Unlock your phone with an extremely convenient face

Face unlock feature is the best in the current unlock category because you do not need to care about it, just take the phone to use as normal. Even now I have no longer noticed that my iPhone has a screen lock because when you raise the device to use it, the Face ID feature has been scanned, ready for you to use the device. Meanwhile, unlocking the fingerprint still has to put a hand in a certain position that has been designated, whether the sensor is placed in the screen or behind the back, it is still a bit difficult, not as happy as Face ID.

Currently not many Android phones have the function of unlocking faces quickly, neatly and safely like iPhone. Most if there is a face use, still use 2D unlock less safe.

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The best swipe gesture on the market today

If you are interested in fully exploiting the screen area then the iPhone does this very well, they do not need virtual keys like Android and you can swipe up to go home, swipe left to back. Currently, Android Q has started learning and integrating these claw gestures, but there is no device that pre-installs Android Q, so temporarily the iPhone still has an advantage. Xiaomi is a gesture maker is also very good, but the claw effect is not as smooth as the iPhone so I still evaluate the iPhone gesture is the best.

Long-term software updates

Android devices, after up to 2 years, will no longer update large software, only patch security. Some mid-range phones only stop after 1 year. iPhone, you can rest assured that at least 3-4 years after purchase, you will continue to be updated with the software. Currently the iPhone 6 was released in 2014 and can still be upgraded to the latest iOS 12 normally, something a little slower than the original.

Good warranty

The experience of many companies' warranty shows that the Apple warranty is the best: the employees do not wriggle, not retort, receive warranty and report bugs quickly. This is because Apple has a very strict central monitoring policy, even if the center is a little late, it is fined, so they do not dare to do anything wrong. After each repair, warranty, Apple also sent a survey and if you score low, Apple will investigate the center immediately. That is not to mention Apple has a representative in Vietnam, although it does not directly stand out for sale but still fully supervises these things.

Another thing that I don't see any company doing is that even if your machine has a warranty expired, but the error is the manufacturer's fault, in most cases Apple will still replace it. free for you. Other companies often after 1-2 years no longer talk about the devices and problems on their devices, so it is not sure if they do not have this error, or have errors but are silent.

Of course, what belongs to your fault is that you will not have a warranty, and often to repair you have to spend a very high amount, higher than the Android phones.

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