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iPhone running iOS 13 error does not receive calls, Vietnamese users call heaven

"After a while using iOS 13 beta, the device Iphone My XS Max sometimes falls into a situation where I can't communicate. This does not happen often, but it does affect my life and work quite a lot, "said Nguyen Minh Hieu, 25, an office worker in Hanoi.

Hieu is not the only one who has encountered this situation. On groups that share iPhone experience, many users said their device also encountered the same error after updating to iOS 13 trial version.

Error not receiving incoming calls on iOS 13 beta. Image: Quoc Nam.

Accordingly, the device still displays full wave lines but cannot receive incoming calls. Users said this situation happened quite unusual and encountered in many networks such as VinaPhone, Viettel, MobiFone or Vietnamobile.

"The iPhone still has a full line of lines. I can call for another phone number but cannot receive an incoming call. I often have to restart the phone to temporarily correct this situation", the National Nam Binh account Comment on a post on Facebook.

"Currently, these are just the first test versions of iOS 13. Therefore, the appearance of errors is inevitable," Minh Duc, a software technician at a store. specialized in selling iPhone in Cau Giay, Hanoi.

Mr. Duc added that users can only choose to "live with the flood" and wait for the update Apple to fix this error in the next software version. "If affected a lot to life, users should reinstall iOS 12 operating system to be able to use stably," said Duc.

On the latest version of iOS 13 beta 3, Apple has fixed some previous bugs such as can't use Touch ID on iPhone 7, 8 and 8 Plus models. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are also improved.

However, this new operating system still exists many system errors such as application conflicts, lag lag. Even, some users said their devices were hung up and restarted themselves.

iOS 13 vegetarian iPhone without the phone, Viet user wants to show his picture 2
After updating iOS 13 beta, many users said their device works unstable. Image: Xuan Tuyen.

"After a week of iOS 13 beta experience, I returned to the iSO version 12. The new operating system supports many interesting features, the performance on my iPhone X has also improved significantly. The device ran quite hot, the battery dropped quickly and often escaped the application abruptly, "said Nguyen Quang Son's account at a post on Facebook.

iOS 13 was introduced by Apple in early June at WWDC 2019 event with some changes in features and focused on improving the device's performance. According to Apple, the iPhone models upgraded to iOS 13 will have screen unlocking speed with Face ID 30% faster, and the application opening speed is 2 times faster.

Besides, this version also gives users Darkmode mode, turning the entire iPhone background into black. However, since the current operating system is still in the testing process, users should consider carefully before updating.

Try iOS 13 in VN – darkmode is new, Face ID is fast and unstable iOS 13 owns many new features like darkmode, swipe on keyboard, Face ID faster. However, this version is still not really stable.


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