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iPhone is about to replace the citizenship card in Germany

The iOS 13 update extends more applications to NFC, one of which is used by the German government so people can save their citizenship card information on the iPhone.

It is expected that using iPhone instead of this identity will take place around September until iOS 13 officially launches, along with the download of the app called AusweisApp 2 created by the German government. After integrating citizen identification into iPhone, people can use it to check in the airport or use personal information to online applications.

However, Germany is not the first country to adopt NFC technology. Earlier, Japan also planned to integrate NFC into a citizen ID card, the UK will also allow European Union citizens to scan their passports by phone for convenient use.

Although convenient, but with the high sense of security of German citizens, perhaps the ability to turn iPhone into a citizen identity will be difficult to popularize. NFC connection itself can be secure, but not everyone is comfortable with using iPhone to store such important personal information.


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