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iPhone folding screen will have design far different from Galaxy Fold?

Apple has just been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office "electronic devices with shells and folding screens". Not all of its ideas are realized but this certification opens up the future of products with the ability to use flexibly and preeminently. Galaxy Fold.

Description of Apple folding screen device. Image: Patently Apple.

According to the drawing described, the Apple device has a fold-in style in the Galaxy Fold analogue, but the back can be bent like a screen on the front, instead of having to be detached. The protective glass is made of glass, sapphire or zirconia.

In another drawing, the device has the ability to fold three in the same way. It is unclear whether Apple on many different folding ideas or the same product has many ways to fold.

Apple's patent application goes in depth to describe in detail the bended shell design to ensure durability for the screen and body. In addition, the company explained the mechanism that the glass surface folds in, opening without wrinkles. This is what Galaxy Fold and some of the first generation of folding screen smartphones haven't done yet.

Along with patented device screen folding, Apple is also awarded the idea of ​​Smart Keyboard Folio smart keyboard. This accessory integrates the touchpad (trackpad) into the key area and includes support for the Apple Pencil pen.

The iPhone man has a remote model from Galaxy Fold? picture 2
The patented removable keyboard has both the trackpad and the area that supports the Apple Pencil pen. Image: Patently Apple.

News of Apple studying the folding screen device appeared from mid-2018. The patent application was filed in January by the company.

The trend of folding screen devices has rekindled since last year with Samsung's ambitious plan. At MWC 2019, Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X became the focus, attracting the attention of global technology circles.

However, the Korean manufacturer is grappling with a serious design error on its first folding screen smartphone and has to postpone the day on shelves. Meanwhile, Huawei has to devote its full power to resolving the turmoil following US embargo. Therefore, almost no remarkable folding screen device has officially appeared on the market.

The iPhone screen folds and leaks online According to Concept Creator, the concept image of iPhone iFlex folding screen is based on information leaked from Apple patents.


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