iPhone FaceID: invite photo contest mode LEGAL, orange first

Wifi Department (AP) of Ruckus pro line. This bureau, you use for this family, small businesses like coffee, office are impartial. Used goods but good quality. Donated by Ngo Nhat Quang, specializing in selling SIM Data and equipment to ensure no loss of life.
Sponsor link: https://www.facebook.com/Quang4G

2 – 1 pair of tour tickets for Binh Ba island, departing in Nha Trang. Value of 1.3 million.
This tour Wavetravel will lead you to the empty island by a tourguide not only good swim but also beautiful pictures. Should ensure and enjoy the feeling of absence of humanity for a trip in Nha Trang.
Link: https://wavetravel.vn/packages/tour-binh-ba/


3 – BBQ Zone7 gift voucher. Worth 2 million.
Those who like BBQ happily, foam beer, they bring in another 200 thousand people who are full. That is, I say my stomach hihii.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/zone7Vietnam/?hc_location=ufi


4 – BabyFast Scooter. Worth 0.95 million.
This car for children, I ran to add more fun to sweat after these months glued to books, iPads, phones …
Link: http://babyfastscooter.babyhop.vn/

6 – BROWN KOTASU TATAMI CHAIR. Worth 2.2 million.
Chairs can be folded in many different positions, brothers or even if you have a seat in this floor, it will be much more comfortable.
Link: http://ghetatami.com/san-pham/ghe-tatami-kotasu-nau.html
Chair TATAMI Brown Kotasu
Tatami seats, tatami chairs, tatami ori chairs, tatami plus chairs, tatami seats, tatami tphcm seats, interior tatami chairs, If the compact Pisu chair doesn't satisfy your needs, please apply introduce you to the chair …

7 – Divoom TiVoo Speaker. Worth VND 1.9 million.
Portable speaker with special design and effects. High quality finishing. Suitable for you to force your girlfriend to ask for gifts.
Link: http://divoom.dtr.vn/loa-bluetooth-divoom-tivoo-6w

8. Rechargeable battery Energizer Lightning 10,000mAh – XP10002A. Value of 1.1 million.
The special feature of this battery is to make the iPhone (MFI), available Lightning port, no need to carry a cable.
Link: http://energizer.dtr.vn/pin-sac-du-phong-energizer-lightning-10-000mah-xp10002a
8. Chuck 70 High Top Shoes. Value: VND 1,850,000
A typical shoe line and typical for Converse's classic style. Lightweight canvas fabric, feels comfortable. Thick lining creates smooth feeling when moving.
Link: https://bulldog.vn/giay-nam/sneaker/chuck-70-high-top-1502.htm

9. Water purifier equipment installed at faucet Cleansui CSP801E. Price: VND 2,800,000
Mitsubishi Cleansui CSP801E is a high-quality water filtration device from the Mitsubishi Chemiscal Cleansui brand in Japan, specializing in the production and supply of equipment to help treat the leading clean water in Japan. with the most advanced and modern technologies.
Link: https://hita.com.vn/thiet-bi-loc-nuoc-lap-tai-voi-cleansui-csp801e-3329.html

10. Ly Yeti 20oz Price: 1.3 million
Yeti heat-keeping cup is genuine American. You use this with coffee, water … always cool for the whole day.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/bonshopus/

11. Wacom Intuos CTL-4100 computer drawing board. Price: 2,025,000 VND
Wacom Intuos CTL-4100 computer board will bring ideas into life to become a reality. The product is easy to install and use. The machine is designed to be dynamic and sophisticated with custom buttons located in the most convenient position for users. It is designed without multi-touch and no bluetooth. With Wacom Intuos CTL-4100, you can easily edit your style images.
Link: https://zshop.vn/wacom-intuos-ctl-4100.html

12. Smart Mosquito Repellent Machine DGS. Price: 280,000 VND
368nm purple light technology attracts mosquitoes throughout the room flying into the machine. Once the mosquitoes are sucked into the catch net, it is very difficult to escape the strong tornado created by the fans.
Link: https://poma.vn/products/may-duoi-muoi-thong-minh-dgs-1
Smart Mosquito Repellent Machine DGS
Still using traditional methods to control mosquitoes. INTELLIGENT CONTROLS 368nm purple light technology attracts mosquitoes throughout the room into the machine. Once the mosquitoes are sucked into the catch net, it is very difficult to get rid of the strong tornado caused by the fans.

13. Vali Rovigo Anakin 2 TE_20 S White. Price: 1,580,000 VND
Rovigo Anakin 2 TE_20 S White is the brand of Rovigo product which is designed in a new style, outstanding color, rough surface in combination with modern and fashionable light. The suitcase integrates double zippers to prevent slashes, securing the inside objects. The expansion lock for size M helps increase storage area. Double wheels help balance the suitcase and can rotate 360 ​​degrees conveniently. A Rovigo Anakin 2 TE suitcase will be the perfect choice for your travels.
Link: https://mia.vn/san-pham/rovigo-anakin-2-te-20-s-white
Vali Rovigo Anakin 2 TE_20 S White
Buy genuine Vali Rovigo Anakin 2 TE_20 S White at MIA.vn ✓ Daily discounts ✓ Diverse models ✓ Warranty up to 30 years ✓ Change of 356 days.


14. Ace Gaming Priestess Chair Series KW-G71. Price: VND 6,490,000
This special gamer chair helps you to play games stronger and better. Female gamers who sit in this chair are more personal and special.
Link: https://www.azaudio.vn/ace-gaming-priestess-series-kw-g71#
Ace Gaming Priestess Series KW-G71 | AZ Audio – Professional Gaming Gear and Audio devices


15. 1kg Arabica coffee and 1kg of coffee 7r-3a. Price: <1 million VND
Arabica K’Ho with a balanced taste and outstanding fruit flavor.
Link: http://www.puriocafe.com/

16. Jamo DS3 Bluetooth Speaker. Price: 2.1 million
Famous Jamo mobile speaker. Special, powerful design, unlike most other portable speakers.

17 – Set of 3 SEN Apple Watch leather straps. Price. 2.55 million. / Khacten.com
SEN AW leather strap will bring a more friendly Apple Watch experience made from natural, soft finishing leather. Leather strap SEN AW is made to be used in water or in contact with water, sweat … so you wear Apple Watch for practice, do not worry about exhausting or draining, sweat. With SEN Apple Watch leather strap, Khac Ten uses a simple design and focuses on every detail so that the product is perfect.

Link: https://khacten.com/daydaaw/

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