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iPhone 6s Plus – A choice for parents on Tet holiday

Do not know of any friends who are going to Tet but still have no gifts for relatives, especially their parents? As the title of the article I will suggest to you a choice, that is the iPhone 6s Plus (Like New). In addition, this phone can be a gift from parents to their children, students or students.

Reconfigured iPhone 6s Plus configuration

  • 5.5 inch screen, LCD Full HD resolution
  • 12MP main camera, 5MP selfie camera
  • Apple A9 chip, 2GB RAM
  • 2,750mAh battery
  • iPhone 6s Plus is still supported by Apple iOS 13

Gift for parents

iPhone 6s Plus has a larger 5.5-inch screen with the iPhone 6s. The big screen will make it easier for adults to see. Also can set the phone to mode Zoom and correction Font size When you zoom in, the icon and text will appear bigger so it’s easier for parents to read.

Easy to use

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With one-touch fingerprint placed on the front makes it easy to unlock. Operation is also simple. When all operations return with just one key press the home, while Android phones must use three navigation keys.

iMessage & Facetime

The first advantage is that there is no need to cumbersome registration. If you also use an iPhone and away from home, this feature will help you closer to your parents. Because it does not need to register as many steps to create accounts as social networks to be able to call online.

Usually, not all adults know these registration steps. For iPhones, you only need to go to the contact list to make free calls and video calls of course.

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If your parents are more genuine, you can text with iMessage. Save a lot of money and talk to each other freely.

What about students – students? With the Apple A9 chip, the iPhone 6s Plus is still good, right?

Learning support

The common tasks surfing the web, watching youtube make sure iPhone 6s Plus is still handled smoothly. Finding study materials, watching video lectures, registering for a class is still ok.

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When you need to take photos of the lecture or document 12MP camera of iPhone 6s Plus in full light conditions still produce quality images, good detail. You can save it with this phone.


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When you need entertainment after stressful lessons, playing games on the iPhone 6s Plus is not too outdated. I tried playing PUBG Mobile game with this phone. Although the graphics level was only average, but in the game, the device was still fine. And it is true that nothing more can be asked for a device launched in 2015.

Another reason

Another thing is the aluminum back design, less fingerprint grip sweat. This will make the machine more rugged and repair costs are not too expensive as other phones use glass back at the present time.


With the above price, I personally evaluate the iPhone 6s Plus (Like New) is an interesting option because of its good performance, quality and benefits compared to the price. A meaningful gift for loved ones on the occasion of Tet holiday. And thank Viet Mobile for sponsoring Tinhte.vn to make this video and article. Wish you have a happy New Year with your family! Good bye and see you again!


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