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iPhone 2020 continues to be the first smartphone to be equipped with a new 5nm chip

With 5nm processors, iPhone 2020 devices will have significantly increased performance as well as more energy savings than the 5nm chip.

Last year, although it did not achieve the first smartphone with 7nm chip, but with the iPhone XS / XS Max and XR, Apple became the first smartphone manufacturer to commercialize smartphones with 7nm chip ( Apple A12).

This year, rumors say the new Apple 13 chip will continue to use the 7nm process. However, until next year, iPhone 2020 devices will again be able to achieve the first 5nm chip smartphone, all thanks to TSMC with the new chip manufacturing process being implemented.

The first Apple A chip produced by Apple was the first to appear on an iPhone 4 manufactured with a 45nm process that was too old. But within a few years, technology has changed dramatically, hardware manufacturers have continuously reduced the distance between transistors on the surface of the microprocessor, significantly increasing performance as well as reducing Low power consumption.

At the moment, 7nm is currently the latest process on smartphones-equipped chipsets, including the first chip to be released as HiSilicon Kirin 980, the first chip to be commercialized as Apple A13 and Next is the Snapdragon 855 on high-end smartphones this year. However, chip manufacturers are currently working on a process to produce a new 5nm chip for even better performance.

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TSMC, the world's largest chip maker, will begin to mass-produce the first 5nm chips early next year. TSMC's main customer is none other than Apple. Therefore, with Qualcomm's Kirin and Snapdragon 5nm chips from Qualcomm being later commercialized, iPhone 2020 devices will continue to be the first smartphones with the 5nm chip.

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