iPhone 12 reduced by more than 5 million, plus a 20W fast charger to heat up the market at the end of the year - VnReview

iPhone 12 reduced by more than 5 million, plus a 20W fast charger to heat up the market at the end of the year – VnReview

iPhone 12 is having a record low price when continuously receiving many great incentives, becoming the model with the biggest attraction at the end of the year. Accordingly, after being reduced in price, iPhone 12 is only from 21.99 million.

iPhone 12 Pro Max 64GB just under 31 million

According to Mobile Viet, a reputable mobile retailer, an official Apple agent in Vietnam (AAR), iPhone 12 VN / A has just received the strongest drop ever, only 21, 99 million (listed price 24.99 million). iPhone 12 Pro 128GB only 27.99 million (listed price 30.99 million), iPhone 12 Pro 512GB only 35.59 million (listed price 40.99 million), iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB only 30.79 million (listed price 33.99 million) and iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB only 38.59 million (list price 43.99 million).

iPhone 12 Pro has huge purchasing power at the end of the year

Especially in stores [SIS] Mobifone – Mobile Vietnam, two models iPhone 12 Pro 256GB and iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB receive parallel discounts and gifts fast Anker 20W. After reduction, these two models are only 30.39 million and 33.39 million (listed prices are 34.99 million and 37.99 million respectively).

>> Check out the promotion for iPhone 12 VN / A applied at SiS Mobifone – Viet Mobile HCMC store here.

Walking around the market can see, this is the best price for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max VN / A version. The purchasing power of the Apple flagship is already quite high, so after being integrated, the discount is expected to create a big fever in the market when shopping demand peaks to welcome Tet.

If in previous years, Vietnamese technology users were a bit hesitant to buy iPhone VN / A because the listed price is usually quite high, with the iPhone 12 series this year, the agents continuously have many great price incentives. selling, has changed the market landscape a lot, the amount of buying iPhone 12 VN / A has increased and has always kept a great attraction since the time of sale.

Buy iPhone 12 Pro 256Gb and 12 Pro Max 256GB get the fast charger Anker 20W at the system [SiS] Mobifone – Vietnamese Mobile.

With all the advantages from groundbreaking appearance, leading performance, high quality camera and famous Apple brand, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max VN / A are the perfect Users wishing to buy smartphones to use this Tet holiday. Not to mention, the integration of preferential prices, 0% interest installment installments, and the renewal of old trade-in collection at Viet Mobile system makes buying the iPhone 12 series easier and much more convenient.

Readers can get great deals when buying iPhone 12, 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max VN / A and a series of other offers at Mobile Vietnam system (didongviet.vn).

Pictures of customers shopping at Mobile Vietnam

Mobile Vietnam is Apple’s official mobile retail system and authorized agent in Vietnam (AAR) with over 10 years old, with 16 independent stores in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, 11 stores. [SIS] MobiFone – Vietnamese Mobile. With the advantage of aftersales policy and product quality, Viet Mobile is the choice of customers who want to own trendy phones. Readers refer to the website didongviet.vn or call the toll free 1800.6018.

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