iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone Xs plunge 4 million at XTmobile - VnReview

iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone Xs plunge 4 million at XTmobile – VnReview

iPhone 12 VN / A and old iPhone models simultaneously decreased to 4 million, Android phones decreased to 3 million in the promotion program close to Tet at XTmobile.

On January 29, 20201, XTmobile will launch a series of special offers for consumers who come to shop at 421 Hoang Van Thu store. Many products from phones to genuine accessories will drop sharply to stimulate shopping demand.

On this occasion, the iPhone 12 64GB VN / A will have 5 sales at the price of only 20.99 million, down to 4 million compared to the listed price. The model will then be sold for 21.29 million. The selling price of other genuine iPhone 12 versions will also drop deeply and be applied throughout the XTmobile system.

iPhone 12 Pro Max reduced to 3.5 million at 421 Hoang Van Thu store

Notably, iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB VN / A reduced to 3.5 million, preferential price only 30.49 million (listed price 33.99 million). iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB VN / A price reduced to 32.99 million; iPhone 12 Pro 128GB VN / A reduced to 27.69 million; iPhone 12 Pro 256GB price only 30.79 million.

Besides, the options with low purchasing power are still strongly discounted to stimulate consumption. iPhone 12 Mini VN / A decreased to 3 million, priced from only 18.89 million. Two versions of iPhone 12 Pro 512GB and iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB fussy users due to the large storage capacity is also reduced to 1.5 million.

Other iPhone versions also dropped deeply to meet the shopping needs of users

According to representatives of XTmobile, this year, users tend to choose to buy iPhone 12 VN / A instead of portable products. Because the timing of the release of the two versions is not as far apart as every year. At the same time, the price difference between the genuine and the portable version has also shortened significantly. Moreover, when buying and experiencing iPhone 12 VN / A, users feel more secure thanks to the genuine Apple 12-month warranty policy in Vietnam.

In addition, many old iPhone lines are also adjusted to sell at 421 Hoang Van Thu store on the promotion day. iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB old reduced to 3.5 million for the first 3, the price is only 18.99 million (listed price 22.49 million); The next 5 rates will be 19.19 million; the rest are priced from 19.49 million.

Old iPhone Xs Max 64GB will be applied a discount of up to 2.7 million for the first 3 purchases, the promotional price is only 12.29 million; The next 5 rates are priced at 12.49 million; the remaining rates from 12.79 million. Models iPhone 7 Plus 32GB, iPhone 8 64GB, iPhone X 64GB old discounts to 2.2 million and also limit the number of preferential products.

The old 64GB iPhone Xs version is discounted to 4 million, the price is only 8.99 million (the listed price 12.99 million), limited to the first 3 rates. In the next 5 slots, the reduction will be only 3.8 million; the remaining rates only decreased to 3.5 million.

In addition, some Android phones with high purchasing power at the system are also discounted on this occasion. Galaxy S9 64GB and Note 9 128GB Korean both decreased by 1.4 million; The old 256GB Galaxy S10 5G dropped to 1.7 million; LG V40 128GB Korean old reduced to 3 million. All are only applied when buying directly at Hoang Van Thu store and the discount will gradually decrease. Therefore, to be able to own their favorite technology equipment at the best price, users should come early.

Upon arrival at the store on the promotion day, users can also purchase affordable genuine accessories. True Wireless SoundPeats TrueAir 2 headphones reduced to 450,000 VND, priced at only 850,000 VND (listed price 1.3 million); Full Hipiki 6D toughened stickers for iPhone models with the price of 250,000 VND; backup battery HoLaTravel Power Go 10,000mAh only 250,000 VND (listed price 490,000 VND); Energizer 20,000mAh UE20009BK backup battery with preferential price only 600,000 VND (listed price 800,000 VND); Pisen Quick PD 20W charger costs only 290,000 VND (listed price 450,000 VND).

Customers come to shop at XTmobile store

Also on January 29, Hoang Van Thu’s XTmobile 421 store also had a discount program up to 1.05 million when replacing genuine Pisen battery for iPhone, applicable to models from iPhone 6 to iPhone X old. In addition, customers who come to replace the batteries also receive 35% discount when buying accessories.

XTmobile is a system of genuine and cheap cell phones and accessories that has been on the market since 2013. In addition to providing quality products, attractive promotions, simple installment purchase procedures, XTmobile also constantly expands its network with 6 stores in Ho Chi Minh City. Readers contact the free switchboard 18006229 or visit www.xtmobile.vn for more details.

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