iPhone 11 will be a wake-up moment for iFan like the iPhone 4S would - Photo 1.

iPhone 11 will be a "wake up" moment for iFan just like the iPhone 4S does

On November 14, Apple unveiled the latest iPhone generation. This will be the first iPhone since Steve Jobs passed the CEO position to Tim Cook in August earlier. This is also the iPhone witnessing Apple face a very special challenge: Samsung. The Galaxy S II launched at the beginning of the year reached 3 million sales after nearly 2 months of launch; The first Galaxy Note also achieved 1 million sales in the same period. For the first time in history, Samsung has shown that high-end Android can compete with Apple.

One of the highlights of Samsung smartphones is the screen: the Galaxy S II has a screen up to 4.5 inches (depending on the version) and the Galaxy Note even has a 5.3 inch screen. The user obviously liked the big screen smartphone, and suddenly the 3.5 inch iPhone screen was considered obsolete. Apple has every reason to launch an entirely new smartphone, the most important of which is the screen size.

iPhone 4S, the iPhone put an end to the dream "Every year a new iPhone".

Of course, iFans have been eagerly waiting for the iPhone 5. But no, the iPhone 5 will have to wait until 2012 to launch: the iPhone for 2011 is still the iPhone 4S with a 4-inch screen.

A day later, Steve Jobs died. The disappointment for the iPhone 4S makes the gloomy atmosphere even heavier.

Another year

The event of unveiling the iPhone 4S is also the "awakening" moment for iFan. Turns out, iPhone 3GS is no exception to the early smartphone era: Apple will always mix a "truly new" generation with one that only improves on features. Since the iPhone 4s, every year in the odd year, no one expected a new iPhone. Even in 2013, when the iPhone 5 / 5s' 4-inch screen proved too limited when compared to the Android army, there was no iFan who dared to wait for an iPhone 6 with a large screen.

Yet things can still continue to get worse. In 2016, Tim Cook's product strategy continued to turn over, and again came with disappointment. If on schedule, this will be the year Apple has to launch a completely new iPhone model. But 2017 will be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone 10, and Tim Cook will not be able to "celebrate" with an iPhone S generation. Cook's decision: a slight modification on the back design and … new numbering. iPhone 7 was born and could not create a fever like iPhone 6 or iPhone 5 before: it was not until iPhone X that people went back to "crazy" Apple.

iPhone 11 will be a wake-up moment for iFan like the iPhone 4S would - Photo 2.

iPhone 2019 will confirm an important change from Tim Cook: The iPhone design cycle will increase to 3 years!

This year will be the year the iFan once again awakens, just like the iPhone 4S ever. The iPhone 7 strategy is almost certain to repeat, because every design shows that the only design change on the iPhone 2019 is just a 3-camera cluster on the back. Apple will once again use the guise of "new name, old design" like the iPhone 7, because all the cool features will be reserved for iPhone 2020: according to leaks flooded from this year, iPhone of next year will bring in many valuable changes.

In 2019, iFan will awaken. They will realize that Apple's design cycle has increased to 3 years. The disappointment will flood again. But that's okay, because only next year, people will be rushing to queue to buy new iPhones …

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