iPhone 11 Pro Max and top 4 old iPhones are dropping millions of money on the occasion of Tet - VnReview

iPhone 11 Pro Max and top 4 old iPhones are dropping millions of money on the occasion of Tet – VnReview

Old iPhones continue to fluctuate in selling prices on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2021, in which 1-3-year-old iPhones such as iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone Xs Max, Xs have a deep decline and large purchasing power.

As usual, coming to Lunar New Year in 2021, retailers continuously offer many incentives on selling prices for iPhone lines, especially old iPhones to stimulate market demand. Noted at Mobile Vietnam, Apple’s official mobile retail system, authorized dealers in Vietnam, iPhone 11 series and iPhone X series are models with large purchase volume, up 20-30% compared to the month. before.

The old iPhone group is having a deep discount on the occasion of Tet

iPhone 11 Pro Max is only 20.39 million, down more than 2 million

As the closest model to the flagship iPhone 12, when the old iPhone 11 Pro Max is adjusted to 20.39 million, it immediately creates a pretty big attraction, because in all aspects from design to experience, this is still is a really worthwhile model for the next few years.

About 2-3 months ago, iPhone 11 Pro Max was still around 21-22 million. In addition to the discounted price of more than 2 million, users have many simple ownership options such as 0% interest installment, old Trade-in, renewal without compensation.

iPhone 11 Pro Max with the most powerful configuration

256GB iPhone 11 Pro is only 18.79 million, down 1.3 million

The selling price of 256GB iPhone 11 Pro is only 18.79 million (old price 20.19 million), down 700 thousand with the previous month. The device reaches the user with a beautiful appearance as new, receives a 1-for-1 warranty.

With the Apple A13 chip and long-term support from Apple, plus a high-quality camera with a distinctive look, the old iPhone 11 Pro is the right choice for many users.

iPhone 11 is only 13.79 million dong, down by 1.5 million dong

Old iPhone 11 is decreasing to 1.5 million dong with 64GB capacity, only 13.79 million dong respectively. On the occasion of Tet, the purchasing power of this model is higher, up 35% over the previous month.

On the old iPhone 11 users are still looking for the full range of trending features such as dual camera, fast-charging battery, exclusive iOS platform, in addition to the leading Apple A13 chip, the screen fits 6.1 inches.

iPhone 11 is favored by personality color, stable configuration

iPhone Xs Max only 12.99 million, down 2 million

iPhone Xs Max on the shelves at the end of 2018 with a price ranging from 18-20 million dong, after more than 2 years of release, this model is only 12.99 million, down 2 million compared to before.

As noted, the old iPhone Xs Max has a new 99% appearance, with all the color options that are popular on this model such as gold, gray, and silver. The machine runs on Apple A12 chip, owns a 12MP dual camera that takes pictures to remove beautiful fonts.

iPhone Xs only 10.59 million, down more than 3 million

Compared to the Xs Max, the old iPhone Xs doesn’t differ too much in terms of experience beyond a smaller screen (5.8inch versus 6.5inch). Therefore, when being reduced by more than 3 million VND, only from 10.59 million, this model has a much higher purchasing power.

In addition to the direct purchase method, when recording at Mobile Vietnam, users are supported with the 0% interest installment plan, the old Trade-in revenue innovation saves VND 8.6 million.

iPhone Xs is only in the price range of 10-12 million

Technology users often wait for Tet to buy an iPhone partly to enjoy many great incentives, partly to have a flagship to experience the spring season. Viet Mobile is integrating many incentives for old iPhone lines, from iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone 11 Pro Max./.

Pictures of customers shopping at Mobile Vietnam

Mobile Vietnam is Apple’s official mobile retail system and authorized agent in Vietnam (AAR) with over 10 years old, with 16 independent stores in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, 11 print shops. shop MobiFone – Vietnamese Mobile. With the advantage of aftersales policy and product quality, Viet Mobile is the choice of customers who want to own trendy phones. Readers refer to the website didongviet.vn or call the toll free 1800.6018.

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