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iPhone 11 Pro is slower than XS on T-Mobile and AT & T but not slower on Verizon

iPhone and operator enthusiasts come together, and the annual drive through cyber shooting test will determine which of the new iPhone 11, Pro and Max has the fastest download speed and better coverage of the four giants-Verizon, AT & T and T- Mobile and Sprint. Well, not Sprint, because the tester was blocked after too many beats with the SIM card between the devices, but it was blocked in the three major devices.

PCMag’s parent company owns the maker of the Speedtest app, but this time it did not take advantage of this in-house knowledge because crowdsourcing data for the new iPhone crop is scarce. Instead, they used several different iPhone models and conducted some improvised speed tests in Manhattan itself.

In theory, considering the newer Intel XMM7660 modem version inside, the new iPhone 11 and Pro models should have faster cellular connectivity than their XR and XS predecessors. In fact, there are significant differences between the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro models, as the cheapest 2019 iPhones only support 2×2 MIMO, just like the XR.

XS and Pro models belong to the 4×4 MIMO population with much higher download speeds than 11 and XR. Although the modem versions are older, the XS between them is actually faster on the GSM carrier.

iPhone XR vs XS vs 11 / Pro / Max download speed

It turns out that the Intel XMM7660 supports 7x Carrier Aggregation (CA), but like last year, the new iPhone released only 5x CA, while the Note 10+ with Qualcomm modem inside is equipped with 7x CA and can easily shoot new models iPhone download speeds are high on all carriers.

On AT & T and T-Mobile, the peak download speed of the XS is actually faster than the 11 Pro, but not on Verizon. Long story short, we have to wait for the 2020 iPhone 5G to have super fast download speeds. If your carrier and data plan can afford these costs, it is.

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