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iPadOS will help the iPad become a better tablet, but it is far from a laptop replacement

iPad can now work more easily thanks to its more powerful file management tool, the ability to switch between apps to run multitasking better, and the upcoming interface will also change to make full use of the big screen. iPadOS 13 will make the iPad a better tablet (not a laptop, do not confuse) quoted the Verge friends. Please read through the TOP 5 points below, I will explain more carefully.

Better file management tool

The Files application is now refreshed to look like the Finder on the Mac, in addition to the ability to create folders, store files in folders, move, arrange … also redesigned like a right-click menu. while still ensuring easy finger touch. Well, now you can download the file from the Safari browser to save it to Files like a computer.

Files can now be opened in parallel windows, so when you need to copy files or move files from one folder to another, it can be done very easily. Similarly, when you need to preview the file, the app also has a Quick Preview function to view the content without opening the app, similarly on macOS.

However, having to manually open these two windows takes much longer than the computer's strong shortcut system, and if you need to copy between the three windows, you have to repeat the operation again. Very costly. So I just said that the iPadOS will help the tablet experience better, because your work on the tablet is less and simpler, but to change the laptop is still long.

Read external storage drive

Removable hard disk, removable USB … before having trouble using with iOS devices, they require separate app installation. Now the Files application of the iPadOS has default support for this type of peripheral device, you just need to plug it into the storage drive that will appear in the app Files right away. You can copy files from USB drive / hard drive to iPad's memory or open files right on the storage device.

This part I see is that iPadOS is stable. However, in the context where the cloud is extremely popular, the use of USB file copying like this will rarely happen. It may be necessary for some brothers, once you work in the office and where Wi-Fi is available, I see little reason to copy this file.

Manipulating multitasking 2 screens

Now that the iPadOS allows any app to be able to open 2 windows, it will need a little editing from the developer, but it is basically quite promising. You can compare two documents, copy between two Word files more conveniently, review the formula between two open Excel files on the screen … This section I find extremely convenient and can help you work faster there.

The thing is that the number of windows is still limited (3 max) so you can't work like a laptop. With simple tasks of content consumption and editing, it is also what you usually do and should do on the iPad, and more complicated things still have to rely on Windows' multitasking capabilities. or macOS only.

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Home Screen can still make better use of the screen

In the home screen iPadOS can now be combined with widgets from the today page, not on the same page as before. But the problem is that the iPad's screen space is still very wide, Apple can add more useful information to the area, or simply collapse the Today widget and insert the notification. .

At the very least, we can see that the iPadOS has shown that Apple is ready to improve the home screen, which is almost constant since the launch of the iPhone, and in future updates we can expect the company to Add new games here.

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Better mouse support needed

Currently the iPadOS can be used with Bluetooth mice, but this is only a accessibility feature, it is designed to make it easier for people with iPad touch screen problems (eg, finger tips) thin skin, each touch will hurt). It is not a true support feature for mice.

I still hope to have a day iPadOS will support delicious mouse like a computer so you can just type the keyboard and control the machine without having to lift your hand to touch the screen. At that time, the new work was easy and convenient, otherwise the iPad is still a tablet and cannot be replaced for laptops.

Duy Luân

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