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iPad OS supports the ability to connect wired and wireless mice to the iPad

With the launch of iPad OS at WWDC 2019, Apple is focusing on making many changes to the new tablet operating system, one of which is to provide mouse support for the iPad.

IOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith has found mouse support in the new iPad OS and this feature works with both USB cordless mice and Bluetooth-connected wireless mice as well as Magic Trackpad wireless touchpad devices Apple's.

Although this feature is currently a form of accessibility, it is important for Apple to add mouse support for iPad OS. Apple has implemented this feature in the form of an Assistive Touch, the cursor has a display circle that represents the touch point with the finger.

Many iPad owners have been asking for mouse cursor support for years and this may be Apple's starting point for later to continue to extend this feature on iPad OS.

With the new iPad OS, Apple has brought to the home screen many improvements, such as multitasking improvements. Apple House has separated iPad OS from iOS, which allows the company to bring more useful features to iPad hardware. Shortly, when developers start testing the beta of iPad OS as well as iOS 13, we will definitely learn more useful hidden features.

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Article source: The Verge

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