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After the first stage of the preparations in the developer background is completed, you can temporarily say goodbye to the Apple developer background~ Next, we will start to continue on the App Store Connect background~

Step 4: Create an application in the App Store Connect background

  • Finally, the certificate and description file are ready, and then we are going to start creating the application
  • Backend address:
  • Still need an Apple developer account
  • Of course, an ordinary account with corresponding permissions can also be logged in ~ App Store Connect background function entrance:

Click on the plus sign next to App and select New App

  • To create an application, you need to fill in the following information:
  • Application platform: iOS or TvOS
  • Application Name
  • Preferred language
  • B ID (Set ID): You need to select the App ID created for the app before
  • SKU: The internal logo used by developers to distinguish applications, not visible to players
  • App access permissions

After clicking Create, an application is created!!!

Step 5: Upload the IPA version to build

Finally uploading the app

First of all, you have to have a Mac (whether it is a civilian-level Mac Mini and Macbook Air, or a petty-level Macbook Pro and iMac, or a local tyrant-level Mac Pro and iMac Pro. In short, you must have a Mac. Of course, if You are a great technologist, and you can install a black apple on your PC by yourself.)

Install Transporter, open it and select Add App, select the IPA you want to upload, click upload, and wait for the progress bar to complete to receive the upload feedback result. If it is an old mac and has not updated Xcode, then you can continue to upload using Application Loader.


1. If the mailbox corresponding to the developer account has the permission to authorize multiple developer accounts, then you need to choose to upload the application to that developer account first. If you are using Application Loader, it is best to authorize the mailbox of the same developer account to only one developer account and use a dedicated password.

2. The uploaded IPA must be a package packaged with the release certificate and release configuration file, otherwise the upload must fail.

3. Be sure to confirm whether the version number and other information of the uploaded package are correct before the final upload.

4. If you see that the loaded icon is not the final packaged icon before uploading the package, it does not necessarily mean that the wrong icon is used. It may be cached. Please check whether the packaged icon in xcode is correct. If it is correct, ignore it. icon problem.

5. If you are stuck or very slow in the process of “Verifying APP-Certifying through App Store…”, please follow the steps below to check and try to fix it.

Reason: The cache file in the directory is damaged or lost (do not use software to clean up the cache easily)

A. Uninstall and reinstall Transporter

B. After deleting all the files in the ~/Library/Caches/ directory, uninstall and reinstall the Transporter. After reinstalling, use the scientific Internet to open the Transporter and download the cache file again.

C. Download on the Internet or copy the files in the directory on a computer that can be used normally by Transporter, replace the folder and file with the same name in the problematic computer, and change it to ~/Library/Caches/com. open apple.amp.itmstransporter/obr/2.0.0/repository.xml with a text compiler and search for file:/Users/ (my computer is called Roy, and the content found shows that there are 57 files:/Users/Roy), Replace Roy with your computer’s name and save, and then try to submit.

D. It may be caused by a slow network problem, try to change to another network or use a mobile network hotspot.

After using the correct IPA to complete the upload on the Transporter, you will receive feedback on the upload result. If it fails, you will see the reason for the upload failure in the Transporter under normal circumstances, and there are rare cases where the upload failed without feedback. , If you haven’t seen the version start to build after 2-3 hours of uploading, then there is a high probability that the upload may fail.

After all the hardships, the application has finally been uploaded successfully, and it is ready to be reviewed~

Step 6: Final Step fill in application information and submit for review

Fill in App information

Fill in the application price and release area

Generally speaking, most applications are F2P, so the application price is 0

  • Fill in the version information after creating a new version
  • The version information mainly has the following contents:
  • icon and App preview image and preview video,
  • Long description, keywords and promotional text (only the promotional text can be updated at any time, other content updates need to be reviewed)
  • Build version (select the version that has been completed after uploading before, and make sure that the version number filled in in the background is consistent with the version number of the uploaded version)
  • Business contact information (only available in South Korea)
  • Classification (to be filled in truthfully)

App review information (you need to provide an account that can fully experience the game functions, and the game needs to be connected to the review server)

Do you think you have completed filling in the application information? And~no~yes~

Create in-app purchases: There are four types of in-app purchases, which are consumable, non-consumable, auto-renewable subscription and non-renewable subscription.

Generally speaking, most games choose consumable items

Due to overseas issues, many times there may be situations where the TC back-end settlement currency is inconsistent with the player’s payment currency, so we need to choose the matching gear according to the price matrix

Add review screenshots for in-app purchases and explain how to activate IAP in the game

Encryption: If the application is not encrypted, make sure to add the content in the red box to the code

In-app purchase promotion: Add a separate icon to the in-app purchase that you want to promote, a unique name within 30 characters that can represent the in-app purchase content, and a description of the in-app purchase within 45 characters. The in-app purchase icon needs to be distinguished from the game icon, the size is 1024*1024, RGB, right angle, resolution is not less than 72bit, JPG or PNG without transparent layer.

After adding a description and an icon for the in-app purchase, and accessing the latest Storekit in the game, the IAP in-app purchase promotion can be activated. Up to 20 IAPs can be promoted at the same time, and the display order and display objects can be edited.

At this point, the store details have finally been filled in and can be submitted for review!

However, there are some content that needs to be filled out before the arraignment, and it is very important! ! !

Export compliance: that is, whether it is encrypted or not, select No

Advertising options: Must choose according to actual conditions

This time it is really done! The rest is up to Apple reviewers. Generally speaking, new applications will have review results within 7 working days, and existing application updates will have results within 12 hours. However, due to the current epidemic, The review time has been slightly extended.



In order to ensure that the application can be reviewed at one time, we can use the TF function to conduct internal testing before the official launch.

TestFlight: Apple’s application testing function, which can achieve targeted version testing for specified target groups (sent by email) and collect feedback

Note: The invitee needs to install the TF application on the device. The process of pushing the application to the designated user is similar to publishing the official application, and the test version information needs to be filled in. The current maximum number of testers that can be invited is 10,000.


In the App Store Connect backend, you can reply to the comments of the published applications. Each application can have 3 chances to reset the score every year. The reset needs to be done when the new version is released. The reset will clear the number of comments and the score, but will not clear the content of the previous comments.

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