Sforum - ios13-2 iOS 13 latest technology information page will automatically turn off spam and unspecified calls with Siri

iOS 13 will automatically turn off spam and unspecified calls with Siri

Unknown calls, spam can hurt users? However, on iOS 13 there is now a new feature that helps prevent this.

Accordingly, a newly discovered feature available on iOS 13 is a support to help users handle unknown calls and spam, thanks to Siri's intelligence.

Reportedly, users will have the option to automatically turn off spam calls, unknown callers and send them directly to voicemail.

In fact, Apple has also listed this feature in detail on iOS 13 Preview page, specifically as follows:

Turn off spam calls, unspecified

A new installation will protect users from spam and unspecified calls. When the setting is enabled, iOS uses Siri intelligence to allow ringing calls from numbers in Contacts, Messages and Messages. All other calls are automatically sent to voicemail.

Currently, operators are making some efforts to reduce mail and spam messages. In addition, users primarily rely on third-party applications to help reduce the number of spam calls, unspecified. Therefore, the option to turn off unknown new calls in iOS 13 should be appreciated, right?

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Article source: 9to5mac


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