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[IOS 13] No need for 3D Touch, manipulate like Haptic Touch on iPhone XR

You will no longer have to think about using a force to press the screen to activate the menu as fast as 3D Touch before. IOS 13 has adopted the same technology as Haptic Touch as on iPhone XR. Instead of force-pressing on the screen, now what you need to do is touch and hold on the screen, there will be a slight shake from the Taptic Enginer to respond to your actions. In the launch of IOS 13, Apple did not mention this issue. However, in the process of using IOS 13 Beta version, I have seen, did not know that when the official version is released, will Apple give up?

This operation is too familiar because it is similar to the operation when we move the icon on the main screen, but not because of this new feature that affects it. When you want to move or order the icons on the main screen, you will still touch and hold and add the action to drag the icon to move, the software will understand that you want to move its location, rather than opening a quick menu for that icon.
As for the keyboard, when you move the input cursor, touch and hold the "space" key to move the input cursor to where you want, can't touch anywhere in the keyboard area to move. cursor like before (Still using the same operation as 3D Touch)

In fact, the 3D Touch did not make a strong impression since its launch, and it is not too sensitive because it depends on the hardware of the screen. The most it did was "costly", because it was a system that included software, and the hardware that was integrated on the iPhone 6S's screen panels until now. Removing it can reduce costs, as well as reduce the complexity of the screen's hardware system, or have more space to renew the look of future phones. And this was also a rumor, it is gradually becoming a reality.
In addition to you, I wonder: Still using the 3D Touch on a device that supports 3D Touch.

Still full of features like when using 3D Touch

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Quick operation menu with Camera

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You can still move the data input cursor quickly, only to touch the "Spacebar" area.


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