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iOS 13 has both features that increase iPhone durability and extend battery life

At WWDC 2019, Apple only focused on introducing major changes of iOS 13 such as the new dark mode, the keyboard swipe feature, many options for editing photos and videos, etc. However hidden behind It is a series of small but great features.

One of them is the Battery Charger Optimization feature which aims to further improve the iPhone's battery life.

As the name suggests, the new feature that appears on iOS 13 will help optimize the charging speed to increase its lifespan. Apple said that with this new feature, the iPhone will learn your daily charging habits and wait for 80 to 100 percent charge until you need to use it.

This means that if you charge your iPhone every night when you go to sleep, the device will learn the charging habits and automatically prevent charging from 80-100% until an hour before estimating that you will remove the phone from the kit. charging.

The battery inside the smart phone wears faster when they are charged over 80%. That's why users should charge their smartphones about 80% and then turn it off whenever necessary. This increases overall battery life and reduces wear and tear on it.

Because this feature learns from daily routines, it may be messy if the user's schedule changes. That's why Apple has integrated an option to turn off the Optimize battery charging feature in iOS 13.

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