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iOS 13 has a serious security error, causing all users' passwords to be revealed

Recently, a serious bug on iOS 13 was discovered to allow anyone to view the password on the machine without authentication.

Reportedly, a Youtuber with iDeviceHelp channel has discovered a security vulnerability that exposes users 'passwords on iOS 13. Thereby, bad guys when using victims' phones can easily access the data as well. such as account information including passwords through the device settings section.

Specifically, with beta 3 for developers or beta 13 of iOS 13, users can easily ignore the authentication message of Face ID or Touch ID in settings when trying to access the password manager. password Thereby, all saved usernames and passwords can be accessed by repeatedly clicking on the "Website and application password" menu and removing Face ID authentication or fingerprint authentication. . After that, the entire login password will be displayed even if you have never successfully authenticated with Face ID or Touch ID. This error is encountered on both iPhone and iPad running iOS 13.

To access the password in the device, users still need to unlock the device before, via Face ID, Touch ID or by their access code. However, the risk of password disclosure still occurs to those who do not have the habit of locking their devices.

Apple has been notified of this issue through Feedback on the user side and has not made any statements about the error. Probably, an updated version will be released by Apple to handle this serious issue and fix it soon.

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