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iOS 13 gives users more control over their location tracking applications

On iOS 13, in addition to new enhancements and features to enhance the user experience, Apple seems to be focusing strongly on their privacy.

Accordingly, discovered by 9to5mac, Apple's new mobile operating system is bringing some new security features, including a more detailed view of how applications have used your location in the background. .

As you can see in the screenshot above, iOS 13 will display a notification when an application is using the user's location in the background. It is known that the message will display a map of the location data that this application has followed and explain why their location is being tracked. For example, the Tesla app explained: “Tesla uses the location to display the distance with your car (while the app is open) and to optimize your phone lock on supported vehicles. (while the application is in the background). "

Sforum - Latest technology information page iOS-13-locations-1 iOS 13 gives users more control over applications that track their location

Apple said you will receive periodic notification windows like this in iOS 13, and provide two options "Always allow" or "Only when using". Upcoming iOS builds will also have the option "Allow once". As the name suggests, this option only allows the application to track the location of a user once, and it will prompt the device owner to make a selection again the next time the application is open.

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Article source: 9to5mac


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