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iOS 13 and iPadOS allow you to manage subscription services easier, less money

If you delete an application on iOS 13 or iPadOS which has your service subscription, the device will immediately ask you: "Do you want to cancel the subscription?". That is, even if you delete the application, it doesn't mean you cancel the subscription inside.

My example is Apple Music on my device:

I have registered to listen to music monthly with Apple Music, but after deleting it, there is a message displayed to put me on the management page to register for "Manage Subscription" so that I can easily decide to cancel the subscription. Still keep registering from the application ".

I discovered this feature is on iOS 13 Beta 2 and iPadOS Beta 2.

A few other convenient ways to help you monitor and control service subscriptions (Subscription)

From Apple ID:

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You come in Settings (Settings) – Apple ID at the top – Choose Subscriptions. With iOS 13, the Registration section appears as soon as you enter Apple ID, no more complicated steps.

From the App Store:

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You select your profile picture on the right corner of the screen, then select Register (Subcriptions).

This will be a small change but very worthwhile, in the future you can easily manage more service packages to cancel in time, avoiding the risks like deleting it, but every month it still subtracts my money unreasonably! The nature of old iOS versions once you find the registration part is over many items.


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