iOS 13 allows data transfer between two iPhones with cables?

iOS 13 allows data transfer between two iPhones with cables?

Images found in the latest iOS 13 beta

IOS users have two recovery options during the installation of any device. One requires downloading and installing backups stored on your computer via iTunes. A reference to iCloud and wireless data transfer from an old device to a new device next to each other has the same Apple ID.

However, according to the newly discovered icon in iOS 13, it seems that the Face ID integrated iPhone can connect to the Touch ID integrated iPhone with a cable, referring to transferring data by wire directly when installing new devices. .

In addition, a code hidden in the iOS 13 beta includes a request to "Keep another iPhone connected to this iPhone and to the charging source until the data transfer is complete." Probably, this sentence refers to the wireless charging table during direct data transfer.

It is unclear what kind of wire is used to transfer data between two iPhones. Currently, Apple does not sell Lightning connection cables with this function. Probably, the company plans to sell such cables when launching iOS 13 this fall.

Another possibility is that the iPhone 2019 replaces the exclusive Lightning port with a standard USB C port. Apple is selling Lightning-USB C cable to connect the iPhone to the new Mac computer.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is testing several iPhone versions including USB C instead of Lightning. However, Ming Chi Kuo analyst believes that this year's iPhone is still attached to Lightning port.


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