iOS 12.2 was officially jailbroken with the latest tool - Photo 1.

iOS 12.2 was officially jailbroken with the latest tool

So after a long wait, iOS 12.2 version was finally "unlocked". Programmer @ Pwn20wnd has recently updated the jailbreak tool of its iOS devices to unc0ver to version 3.3.0, supports jailbreaking iOS 12.2 version on iPhone / iPad devices using the Apple A7 chip A11 (does not support iPhone XS, XS Max and XR with Apple A12 chips).

The updated version of the unc0ver tool uses the new Sock Puppet protocol exploited by @NedWilliamson. This exploit supports jailbreaking iOS versions from 12.0 to 12.2. However, at the present time, it seems that exploiting Sock Pupper is experiencing some errors in jailbreaking devices using Apple A7 and A8 chips. Apple A8-A11 devices can still jailbreak normally.

The new unc0ver tool updated version can be downloaded at this link. Please note, we do not assume any responsibility if your device has a problem during jailbreak. Jailbreaking iOS devices is a complicated process, users should consider before proceeding.

iOS 12.2 was officially jailbroken with the latest tool - Photo 2.

Apple has no longer signed the iOS 12.2 version for its devices, so users of higher iOS versions (12.3 and 12.3.1) will continue to wait until developers find out. new exploits. However, yesterday, Coolra's programmer, Electra, tweeted that it was possible for Substitute and Sileo to work successfully on iOS 13 beta, so the chance to jailbreak newer iOS versions includes Both iOS 13 is quite high. Once Apple officially released iOS 13 in September, the jailbreak tool may also be released.

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