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Until today, the existence of Ion Fury is probably still a big question mark for the 3D agency itself. The role model Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison that was created as the "female version of Duke Nukem" should have been in a game Duke Nukem new. But all 3D Realms' plans collapsed as the company underwent a major internal reconstruction in the late 2000s, as well as the project. Duke Nukem Forever was "conceived" for too long to be acceptable, causing it to be transferred into the hands of Gearbox Software and … you probably already know the rest.

There are two major key points to 3D Realms after the failure of Duke Nukem Forever (which they are not related to). In 2010, an independent game development team based in Henning, Denmark, called Interceptor Entertainment, revealed the project. Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded – remake game of the classic game of the same name. Of course, this is an unorthodox fanmade project and it was quickly canceled by Gearbox Software. However, it helped Interceptor catch the eye of Apogee Software, and the studio bid for a remake of Rise of the Triad pretty good in 2013.

In 2014, Interceptor Entertainment announced it was working on the next big 3D Realms game, "Bombshell”- a top-down shooter game featuring the beloved“ Dukette ”that has been forgotten since 1996. More notably, the Deluxe version of Bombshell also comes with a beta version for pre-owned FPS games Bomshell is built on the Build engine platform – indeed this is a "dream" offer for any true fan of Duke Nukem.

Result? Bombshell debut and … total failure. It's pretty bad in terms of gameplay, it's too buggy, its price is quite expensive compared to the amount of content it brings, and so far Bombshell is still sitting idle with 43/100 red on Metacritic. Surely 3D Realms does not think that their "comeback" is more pathetic than the failure of Duke Nukem Forever

But wait, they still have another savior Ion Maiden – this pre-release game was backed by a group of veteran modders who suddenly "swelled" in size and quickly became a flagship project of 3D Realms in 2018. By 2019, only a few months before debut, Voidpoint and 3D Realms received a cold water: the rock band Iron Maiden sued the two companies because the game's name was too similar … the name of the band. And now, the troubling journey of Shelly Harrison makes people angry after spending time reading the long opening paragraph of this article as the spirit of the new name of the game – Ion Fury.


There are quite a few ways for players to overcome a classic FPS game screen: either take the speed to the point of "brainstorm" while quickly turning every target in every corner into dust, or slowly probing each passage to detect the situation, or … remember the location of the enemy through each "Game Over" and then continue to plug through each barrier as if you were entangled in a time loop. Similar to the previous ones, Ion Fury Do not tie you into a specific game. Only with your own skills, several guns of the same speed will measure how far you go.

Built on the Build engine, Ion Fury inheriting every bizarre quintessence that this engine has achieved Duke, Shadow Warrior and Blood 25 years ago: the environment possessed a spreading height, interacting with objects, a multi-dimensional enemy model, high voxel detail. The technical side behind the lines of code is the last thing on the list of things you should care about Ion Fury, but everyone must be interested in realizing that they can kick the head of a spearhead. You can also use skulls to jump to higher levels that normally cannot reach.

But when talking about the environment of Ion Fury, Sure the Build engine contributes the second most after the artist. The solid blue-gray patches surrounding the hard material are something you'll see the most in the game, but with cleverly crafted textures to diversify types of materials, the environment in Ion Fury become more alive than the games on the platform Build 20 years ago. For a 12-hour game with 70% of the time around the city of fiction, Ion Fury Immerse yourself in the flow of 90s soundtrack, where you can easily find things like cyborg, a haunted mansion and some easter eggs about Terminator. All make the sound of Ion Fury never seem to regress.

Ion Fury also works similar to a 90s FPS game, because your job is simply to find the color card to open the corresponding door. If you're not looking for color tags, you're probably trying to sabotage or blow up something that is blocking the way. If you didn't blow up something, you're probably looking for secrets in each area. By the way, each area (the game has 7 chapters, each chapter has 5-6 regions) contains between 20 and 27 secrets, so if you really want 100% of the whole Ion Fury then the writer hopes you have prepared the spare keycap E button.

Ion Fury

That's the "skin" part, and the "meat" part Ion Fury is almost everything you can expect in a build engine FPS game. You've used all of these weapons in previous shooting games, but a good running car doesn't mean it's worth throwing away just because it's not innovative. The close-up shotgun (and perhaps a bit too strong at long range) can be converted to a grenade launcher with the right mouse button. SMG can switch to two-handed mode. Revolver can mark targets and automatically discharge bullets when you release the right mouse button. Ná Ion can hold and shoot multiple arrows at the same time.

Weapon in Ion Fury perhaps designed in the spirit of more chopsticks. The game wants you to plunge into danger and use reflexes, aiming and improvisation skills to let the enemy see who is the one standing on top of the food chain, and that feeling has never become boring. in Ion Fury. Rotating between the few guns you have, while hiding in the back of the barrier and groping the blood boxes on the way, quickly becomes the game that players can draw from experience, not because of the game shouted at you the message, "MUST PLAY LIKE THIS". New mechanisms for Build-based games like headshots or blood bags will help keep the flow of action Ion Fury become smoother.

Weapons may be meager, but the same can not be applied to the inner enemy category Ion Fury. Whatever your opinion about an enemy using a hitscan, it's hard to describe the goals you can bombard in the game with the words "boring". It was a combination of regular infantry units, red-colored spearheaded projectile projectiles, hordes of machine-carrying spider spiders crawling toward you as if your friend was covered in chocolate and the Other creatures are hard to describe specifically with words. The most favorite enemy of the writer is a cyborg (?) Who has a human body but has no skin, skulls and blue flames, attack you with a super-stupid kick right after invisibility, when defeated. will kneel as if preparing to perform seppuku and explode like fireworks.

The "meat" part of Ion Fury is almost everything you can expect in an FPS game on the Build engine platform.


If taken as a whole, Ion Fury is a satisfactory game from the core of gameplay, stage design, art, music, to replay value. It was the first commercial build game on Build in 20 years, and it originally didn't get this level of investment from 3D Realms. So it can be said, the existence of Ion Fury It is still a miracle, and its quality is the guarantee for the miracle itself.

However, the writer really wants to see that 5 years later, fans of the FPS series on the Build platform will place Ion Fury Where in the middle of the legendary trio Duke NukemShadow WarriorBlood. That's because, Ion Fury Although it is a bright game, it lacks the "wow" factor that makes people admire, just like DUSK did it last year.

This is probably located in the two biggest aspects of the game. As noted above, the armament of Ion Fury are familiar and only really bring into full play when the player sinks into the powerful flow of action of the game. The absence of a Voodoo Doll or Shrink Ray makes the game's identity a little less unique. A bowling ball-like bomb is the most innovative weapon in the world Ion Fury, but the way it works is merely "drop and forget", not make players laugh and laugh when dropping a Dynamite package in an arc like in Blood.

I really want to see where 5 years later, fans of the Build-based FPS series will place Ion Fury between the legendary trio Duke Nukem – Shadow Warrior – Blood

The design of the game screen Ion Fury There is another problem. The game has a fairly uncompromising challenge, which is quite lucky when the game has very few hanging traps compared to Blood and Shadow Warrior, but it's still quite difficult for veteran FPS players in the third (out of four) to be Ultra Viscera. The problem here, is that each level has more than 20 secrets and most secrets will reward you with a large amount of blood / ammunition, the difficulty of Ion Fury Sometimes it becomes quite unbalanced according to the number of secrets you find. Find too many, the game will become a bit too easy. Ignoring most secrets, you will be more or less troubled.

Final, Ion Fury also carries in itself the cheesy signature characteristic of the legendary trilogy on Build, including a cool, tough and brave protagonist. However, our Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison is pretty much drawn from Duke's mold, so much so that the writer really doesn't know how to call her other than the "female version of Duke Nukem". While Caleb stands out with sarcastic language and violent tendencies, and Lo Wang has a super flexible tongue and a … perverted attitude, Shelly loves the "one-liner" words that come out of movies. 80-90, completely confident in their own abilities, and of course always countering the wicked words of the evil side – which were all characteristics of Duke, but now less ostentatious and somewhat more repetitive. .


  • Manufacturing: Voidpoint
  • Release: 3D Realms
  • Kind: Act
  • Meeting day: 8/15/2019
  • System: PC


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5, AMD Ryzen or equivalent
  • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 1024 MB or more dedicated video memory. NVIDIA or AMD preferred
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 100 MB available space


  • OS: Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 4170 3.7Ghz
  • RAM: 8GB



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