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Invite you to show off your technology at the end of the year with Tinhte Fact Beta 2

We have just got some updates on TinhteFact Beta functionality to bring a better experience for you. Thanks to testers, it’s ready to show you the tech items you bought in 2019 and why you bought them (or how they helped you work better). .

The purpose of my TinhteFact function is so that you can share your knowledge, experiences and insights in a very simple way: select a picture, then write a few sharing lines. post for 2 million delicate members. I know you guys have a lot of knowledge and experience, now how can you easily share this, especially, your knowledge will help a lot of other people, not to mention people Using Google to search will also see your share. TinhteFact is inspired by Facebook / Instagram Stories.

To use TinhteFact function, you can use one of the following ways:

  • Go to the homepage of Tinhte.vn, with TinhteFact department
  • Visit Tinhte.vn/fact to follow the fact sheet
  • Use on Exquisite App 8.3.5 (this version fixes the typo error when typing the title and some other errors you have reported for us, thank you)

If you have any comment or error or need this function, please comment in this article. We will arrange it.

Thank you once again and wish you a happy New Year.

duyluandethuong@gmail.com (Duy Luân)

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