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Invite you to share the desktop image on your current phone

"I have the pleasure of taking pictures, having my own beautiful images to change the wallpaper of my phone ", this is shared from a member on Delicate Camera group on FB, I feel quite good so I want you to share to see how the photo : D

Loading wallpaper phone_camera.tinhte.vn.jpg…

I also have the habit of changing the background image according to emotions, if you are happy to make this picture sad, the other picture will change every couple of days. Because you know how to take pictures, your favorite photos should be used as a wallpaper, but seldom use wallpapers of the machine, or others. However, the image must also fit a bit visually, not every one can be used.

Loading haio.jpg ...

The screen itself likes to color a little green.

Loading haio2.jpg ...

The lock screen should be a little cool

I think the phone wallpaper is one of the most meaningful things in the present life, you can keep special personal memories, which can be viewed daily and hourly. Please share photos and reasons too (if possible) : D

jseanguyen@gmail.com (vitaminSea)

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