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Investigate the cause of the Indonesian plane crash


Investigation of the risk of accidental accident in Indonesia image 1Photo is for illustration only. (Source: Radio)

On February 2, Indonesia announced that it had sent 5 parts of the plane that crashed last month from Sriwijaya Air to the US and UK for inspection.

Speaking to the media, Chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee of Indonesia (KNKT) Soerjanto Tjahjono said that parts of the aircraft were in trouble, including the automatic control valve aircraft engine, will be checked for clarification cause of the accident. Mr. Tjahjono said KNKT has read black box flight data recording (FDR) but no cockpit recorder (CVR) device has been found that could contain information related to the human element.

According to the official, the data from the FDR is not enough to determine the cause of the automatic control system malfunctioning. Therefore, it is necessary to send other parts of the aircraft to the US and UK for inspection.

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Previously, on January 24, KNKT said the cause of the airline’s plane crash Sriwijaya Air This could be due to an automatic gas system malfunction. This technical incident was once reported by aircraft maintenance personnel a few days before the tragic accident. However, KNKT noted that the aircraft can still fly if the automatic gas system is not working because the pilot can still control it manually.

Expected, on February 9, the agency will soon publish a preliminary report on the accident.

Sriwijaya Air flight SJ-182 crashed on the afternoon of 9/1 and fell into the waters off the capital Jakarta. Then the plane had just taken off a few minutes to make the journey from Jakarta to the capital Pontianak of the West Kalimantan province. All 62 people on board, including 50 passengers and 12 crew members, were killed.

This is the most serious aviation accident in Indonesia since the crash of Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX in Java waters that killed 189 passengers and crew members in 2018./.

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