Inventory of Top 30 TapTap games in 2019: some opportunities have surfaced and some themes have fallen

TapTap users are people who are always pursuing new, strange, and special people. They often use high scores to draw people’s attention to innovative products. And every year the game industry always requires developers to make innovations and differences.

So what kind of games has Taper’s approval last year? For this problem, we usually observe by scoring.

Recently, the author grabbed the front-end data of TapTap and compiled a top 30 game of 2019. Based on this list, we have made some new discoveries, for example: some new game categories have been favored; some product types that have been easy to get high scores have lost their advantages, and even have bad reviews; some have been released For several years, the old Steam game not only has a good reputation, but also can get millions of attention.

These findings may be a reference for developers who want to break the routine and try to subdivide categories.

30 games to climb the high scores

First release the unofficial highscore list we compiled:

The games on the list come from products that have undergone public beta or open gameplay testing on the TapTap platform in 2019. Scores scored by dozens of people are not convincing, so in order to emphasize the validity of the score, the author sets a threshold. In addition to meeting the high score conditions,The number of reviewers must not be less than 2,000, and the attention needs to exceed 150,000.

Observing according to this standard without adding other weighting factors, there are not many high-scoring games appearing in the field of vision, so we condensed the amount of single players and ranked 30 games with a score of 8.8 or higher.

It can be seen that under the premise of intentionally improving the universality of the list, popular commercial games are still difficult to see. The market share of the top categories, such as MMO, sports, SLG, etc., do not have a reputation advantage .

Distribution of game types by rating position

In terms of specifications, the top 30 are mostly small and medium-sized productions, some are big factory incubation projects, and some are the output of personal authors. If the development attributes are judged based on the size of the team, there are up to 24 works that can be labeled as “independent”. This is the clear praise of TapTap, or in other words, its consistent tolerance for diversified products.

Try to lower the observation range to a game between 8 and 9 points. The masterpiece of IP is still a minority.

Some games with a score between 8 and 9

Of course, the games that are in the top position on the high score list are not all products you have never heard of. Among them, some were once popular and even became phenomenal hits, such as “Ark of Tomorrow”, which was rated as the most popular TapTap player in 2019, will be one.

Therefore, a reusable judgment is that high-scoring games have a narrow inherent circle and cannot necessarily be better spread by word of mouth.

The distribution of the number of evaluations in each rating position

The Horn of Richness is typical. This plot-oriented game has been tested as early as 2018. At that time, it conquered a group of players with a fantasy heartwarming story. Although the game has maintained a full score so far, the number of reviews less than 3K Makes me think it’s a bit tall and widow. Looking at the table above, high-scoring games with a large number of evaluations are more in the 8.8 to 9.2 divisions.

However, the high-scoring games that reached the players earlier still have obvious advantages in word-of-mouth communication.. Of the 12 games with over 10,000 participants on the list, 9 were officially released in the first half of 2019, and some of them were opened for download testing earlier.

High score Top 30 release track

How do we see the effect of high scores? On May 17, last year, the author once counted a high-scoring game.“Good Morning My Boy”, which was open for download at the time in April, had more than 6,000 comments, and now it has risen to more than 11,000.And such high-scoring games that can continue to trigger self-propagation behavior, there are also “Sakura House” that has nearly tripled the number of reviews in six months, and “Endless Soul” with more than 8,000 reviews.

Behind the increase in the number of participants, the error means that the game has received more and more attention.

Women are taking the lead in games with high scores

Behind the high score Top 30 word-of-mouth, often means that related products rely on unconventional gameplay, art, touching stories, or continuous and stable operations to win the recognition of TapTap users.

Among them, the inherent favorable tendency of praise on the platform has not wavered so far. For example, from the early “Aich” and “Hanjia Jianghu” to last year’s “Cytus II” and “Exception”, stand-alone games, paid mobile games and small Team production has always been the mainstay of TapTap highscore games. Beyond that, games that value empathy such as “See” and “artistic” games like “Painting, Magic, and A Thousand Mountains” usually enjoy word of mouth.

We extracted the TapTap tags from 30 games last year, and the resulting word cloud diagram shows the overall appearance of high-scoring games. Those outstanding labels are really the direction of praise that we are not familiar with.

High Score Top 30 Hot Tags Word Cloud

At a glance, you might think that the category of high-scoring games is still the third one:Puzzle, leisure and text adventure.These are indeed still mainstream, the three together, occupying half of the list. But there is one trend worth paying attention to, and that is women’s heading towards mobile games in the Top 30.

The word cloud picture is not very obvious, so the author counted the number of various types of games, and found that female simulation games such as love simulation and idol development accounted for five of the top 30 (“Travel Strings” was originally positioned as Women travel to the mobile phone, if you count it, that is 6). Their scores are still very high, all above 9.0 points, like Thunder’s “Puppet House Fantasy Night” even reached 9.5 points.

Top 30 categories by category

There is a contrast in such results. When sorting out the 2018 TapTap high-scoring games, I did not see that women’s mobile games can be in such an advantageous position. At that time, as far as eyesight was concerned, only one idol development game was included in the eyes.

TapTap, as the representative of the Gen Z player community, has been well-received by women in mobile games here. This may indicate two new trends: first, women are becoming more popular with games, and the market is paying more attention to female players; second, the number of female players is increasing , And their aesthetic interest in games is being captured by manufacturers.

The “2019 China Game Industry Report” shows that the size of female players reached 300 million last year. And “female orientation” was also a key word in the domestic game market last year. In addition to small and medium-sized manufacturers trying to make efforts in this area, the major manufacturers are also making corresponding arrangements. Especially in the second half of 2019, women showed a trend of concentrated outburst to mobile games. Netease and Tencent offered “Encountering the Cold Water” and “Food Word”, and B Station also released “Untouchable Palm “.

Food Words

Thunder Game CEO Zhai Jian also said to the author last year: Women ’s games will be one of the top five game segment categories with great market opportunities in the past year or two.

So on the big picture, women ’s mobile games hit a bonus period last year. As long as you have a product with such a label, it seems that it can be favored by players. However, there is still a phenomenon of survivor bias. Women who can enter the TapTap high score field are not only a minority, but they are often non-mainstream in product form.

“Puppet House Fantasy Night” is an example, it is a stand-alone, and there is not much commercial design, the gameplay is neither dress-up nor simulation; the main line of the story is love, but the main part of promoting the plot content is suspense Reconcile puzzles.

“Puppet House Fantasy Night”

In other words, women’s games have been surging last year, but products that allow TapTap users to vote for high scores often do not bypass the core aesthetic taste of this group:Stand-alone, narrative and non-routine gameplay. Although the gameplay such as “Untouchable Palm” and “Good Morning My Boy” is not outstanding, the plot experience built on standing painting and dubbing is its biggest bonus.

Popular Steam Old Games

In the top 30, we also saw a scene: TapTap users’ pursuit of console porting games.

This doesn’t look like a new trend. After all, on this platform, host porting products have always been welcomed by hardcore players, such as “Aich” issued by Heartbeat Network, such as “Homecoming” issued by Coconut Island. Wait. However, in the year when the game version number was thawed, the number of domestic games ported from the console to the mobile phone platform showed an increase.

Looking back at the previous TapTap high-scoring games in 2018, the author found that I could not find a porting work from a domestic host, which was located between the 9 and 10 partitions. In that year, the focus of domestic independent game developers was Steam, and the successive outbreaks of “Taiwu Painting Volume”, “Chinese Parents” and “Posia Time” caused major manufacturers to pay more attention to the host platform. .

After the version number was thawed, more and more games released by Steam chose to migrate to the mobile platform. In the top 30 of the high scores, the games transplanted locally include “The Invisible Guardian”, “Lost Castle” and “Lovely Christmas Gift: Bubble Winter Scenery”. If the scope of observation is moved down a bit, we can also see “Explorer “Spirit” and “Three Kingdoms”.

Invisible Guardian

During the 2019 TapTap annual awards selection, the author captured comments on some of the shortlisted products in the console / PC game community: “Steam games leftovers”; “Old PC games”; “Do they not have a computer?” The logic behind the speech may be that mobile phone users may not be interested in the migration of old products.

But in fact, related games are widely recognized on TapTap, and even climbed to the top of the high score list. And this sign may indicate one thing: hardcore TapTap users have a strong interest in playing console games on mobile phones, but the mainstream among them may not overlap with PC / console game users. This will be a point of opportunity for porting console games to mobile platforms.

Thunder’s Lost Castle is an old game that rekindled its popularity on TapTap. It is a domestic Rougelike that appeared on Steam in September 2016. It mainly plays online breakthrough games, and its praise rate has always remained above 90%. Its sales volume has exceeded 1.2 million copies.

Before the deadline, more than 4 million installs were made on “Lost Castle” on TapTap

In October last year, the mobile version of the game was officially open beta, and such a year-old game still attracted millions of attention on TapTap, as well as the number of participants in the Top 30, just behind “Ark of Tomorrow”.

Before the resident TapTap Hot List, “The Three Kingdoms: The End of the Han Dynasty” was a domestic SLG that lacked attention on Steam. As early as 2017, the game entered the Steam platform through the Green Light Project. But after that, the game did not heat up. I thought that such a work might not get too much support after it was listed on TapTap last April; but what I actually saw was that it sold well and was called “domestic conscience” by players.

“Three Kingdoms: Late Han Dynasty”

It seems that the potential of old products to port mobile phones cannot really be ignored. At least on the TapTap platform, users will no longer expect you because you have logged in on other platforms for too long.Their attitude and willingness is that as long as the development team is sincere and the overall quality of the game is excellent, they will give you good reviews.

You know, the games most anticipated by TapTap users last year accounted for almost half of the transplants, including “Genting Games” mobile games, “Chinese parents”, “Human Falling Dreams”, and “Dead Cell”.

Who missed the highscore last year

Games regrettable to leave the high divisions due to operational accidents abound. However, there are two types of products that have once ranked high in our 2018 TapTap high score list, and it is difficult to find them now. These two types of games are: magical terrier games and life simulation games that cannot play new tricks.

Their departure on the high score list may indicate two things: first, TapTap users are very resistant to game insertion ads; second, they are prone to aesthetic fatigue for games that form a fixed routine.

Many terrier games developed by mini-teams have been popular on the platform. One typical example is the “and this kind of operation” series launched by Green Bean Studio. This series is in the direction of solving puzzles in the brain. The first and second generations of works have won more than 9 points of word-of-mouth reputation and millions of installations based on magical copywriting and brain twist-like puzzle designs.

Since then, the new series has been deteriorating, and none of them have scored more than 8.0. The decline in word of mouth is due to both the impact of advertising access on the player experience and the dissatisfaction of players with the lack of novelty in puzzle design. This embarrassment of falling into the bottleneck of word of mouth naturally also occurs in the small games that play mainly in advertising.

Under the “Magic” tab, word-of-mouth of popular works tends to average

There is a game called “Cheating Is Impossible to Succeed.” The style is similar to that of “There is also this operation” series. They all win with magical puzzles that play stalks and make fun. When the game first launched, its TapTap score was above 9 points, and players thought the game was quite new at the time. Now if you look at the follow-up work of developer Caru Qiu, you will find that “XX impossible to succeed” has been made into a series, but the situation is much worse than before.

In these games, you can often see that people are gathered under the homepage of a game because of their curiosity, and because of its routines and unacceptable plug-in advertisements.

Playing simulation games with many elements, even last year there were cases of word-of-mouth rollovers. In the past, life simulation games represented by “Buy a House” and “100 Million Little Goals” were very popular on TapTap. Both of them scored above 8.5, and the former had over 10,000 participants.

But last year, life simulation games lost word of mouth treatment, and you can hardly see a few top-notch games. Among them, “Chinese Life” released by Green Bean Studio has experienced a trough. The original player expectation value remained above 9 points, but after the download was opened, it fell through 4 points all the way.

Coincidentally, at the end of last year, many “Chinese-style XX” mobile games were launched on TapTap, including “Chinese-style head teacher”, “Chinese-style boss” and so on. They may not all be simulation games, but they have followed suit because of their names, and their reputation is even worse.

In the comment area of ​​related games, I always see similar vomits: the first person in the world to propose ideas is a genius, the second is a mediocre, and the third is …

Behind the score is the silent majority

If ratings can reflect a game’s word of mouth, then the number of reviews is more able to reflect the true heat of a game.

If you only look at the flow of positive reviews, you will probably feel that this is a group of players who have a niche sentiment, like single machines, refuse routines, care about new and strange experiences, and do not like commercial games.

But in fact, what the top 30 scores describe is just the tip of the iceberg that TapTap users like. Because when we changed the evaluation criteria from ratings to comments, the style of painting also reversed:

A very intuitive phenomenon is that TapTap users are far from rejecting fashion and big-name productions as outsiders think, and they don’t particularly prefer niche categories. Both types of products seem to be players’ preferences.

If you look at the ratio of attendees to installs of related games, you may notice a real situation: even for very popular games, only a few people speak for it. can be seen,Nearly half of the products on the list have less than 1% of reviews as a percentage of installations.

This means that on TapTap, whether it ’s a high-score game with thousands of people participating or a medium-score game with hundreds of thousands of people participating,The collective attitude they carry is only derived from a very small part of the entire player community.

What are those non-talking people on TapTap looking for, do they like your game, or are they disgusted? What is the attitude of the silent? I think these are things that are more worthy of being caught by vendors outside the platform.

Because in the increasingly differentiated market and word of mouth environment, the problem you have to overcome may be: how to do a good job in game design and balance your own mentality among the voices that have been heard and the support of the majority of the unknown.
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