Inventory of creative gameplay of mobile game purchases in 2020, 6 highlights!

On the other hand, the domestic mobile game purchase market in recent years has been turbulent and unpredictable. The gameplay creativity has changed from the very beginning “Greasy Senior Sister”, “Legendary Hegemony” Lin Zicong, “Starting with a Dog and One Person” to the popular “scumbag”. “Zhahui”, all kinds of Gongdou, Guandou advertising ideas, and then to the “start of a kun”, the various changes during the period confirmed the rapid development of buying creativity. Without emotion, in order to attract the attention of users, mobile game advertisers can use this term to describe the creative way of advertising: they do everything they want.

Of course, from the perspective of game advertisers, these are all very understandable, because with the increasingly fierce competition in the mobile game market, users’ ability to distinguish advertisements and aesthetic levels are improving, completely relying on conventional methods. To achieve user growth is nothing short of a drop in the bucket. In 2020, the differences in the purchase volume of major game manufacturers will become increasingly distinctive.

To this end, from the third-party advertising monitoring tool BigBigAds, we have counted the six creative gameplays with large purchases in 2020 to help everyone sum up past experience and start a new gameplay in 2021.

Gameplay 1: Driven by the game anchor

Since the game’s live broadcast raging fire, the major live broadcast platforms have gone from the previous thousand-broadcast battles to the battle for hegemony between Douyu and Huya. The interesting facts are still very rich, so I won’t talk about it here. Interested friends can learn about the development history of the live broadcast industry.

It has to be said that the core competitiveness of the live broadcast platform lies in anchor resources, bandwidth resources and IP copyright. The starting point of bandwidth resources is similar and can be resolved, while anchor resources and IP resources are not so easy to own. Therefore, the more anchors who owns and the more IP copyrights, the more traffic it can bring to the platform.

After the big fire of anchors, especially some game anchors, they have their own accurate audience users, which can bring accurate users and get sufficient exposure to game manufacturers. Therefore, they are looking for anchors to inject new users into the game. Find the following practical cases.

Anchor case ①: “Song of the Clouds City”, only one day after the release, the display reached 50K+, the creative production is very simple, and the effect is very good

Anchor Case ②: “Sword and Expedition” is a relaxed and strategic mobile online game based on Western fantasy, a strategic card game created by Lilith Games, a big factory. It also invited the anchor’s blessing, and it was released for 60 days, showing a breakthrough 63M.

Anchor case ③: “Rise of Kindoms” (Rise of Kindoms) is an SLG game developed by Chengdu Legou Games and published by Lilith Games. The anchor Zhang Daxian was directly invited to stand guard.

Anchor case ④: Anchor “Daimeier” played live games for “Hello Adventurer-Brave Awakens”

I only found 4 cases, and of course there are many anchors who broadcast live for the game station. It now appears that this gameplay can not only bring accurate users, but also bring sufficient exposure to the product. Therefore, I regard the anchor live game as the number one gameplay in 2020.

Gameplay 2: Star endorsement

The difference from the anchor is that our stars also gather to endorse the game. In 2020, I will probably have more than 30 stars participating, including the well-known Yang Mi, Guan Xiaotong, Zheng Shuang, Gao Xiaosong, Jet Li, Li Naiwen, etc. . The advantage of celebrity endorsement is that it can bring huge exposure and build brand awareness.

The traffic behind the anchor is related to the characteristics of the anchor and the field of focus, and the traffic is more accurate. The celebrity represents a type of group. The traffic behind it is large and general. Different celebrities represent different groups. For example, the groups represented by Jet Li, Uncle Da, and Donnie Yen are older, between 30 and 45 years old, while Guan Xiaotong, Zheng Shuang and others represent the younger generation, between 18 and 25 years old.

Therefore, I also collected several popular game products endorsed by celebrities in 2020. Of course, this is a way to burn money for big factories, not suitable for small factories.

Celebrity endorsement case①: “Three Kingdoms-Strategic Edition”, both of which Li Naiwen and Jiang Chao are highly praised, has achieved 66M exposure within just a few days of advertising with its recent reputation.

Celebrity endorsement case ②: Gao Xiaosong also endorsed “Three Kingdoms”. In recent years, Gao Xiaosong has frequently participated in endorsing game brands. This advertising material has been put on for more than 100 days and the display reached 363M.

Celebrity endorsement case ③: Jet Li’s endorsement of “The Fairy Ceremony” is integrated with the scene of the filming set to drive users in a soft and broad way. The current exposure of this material is 271M.

Star endorsement case ④: We are familiar with Zha Zhahui and other Hong Kong and Taiwan stars, and have been endorsing our legendary mobile game platforms. This time the lineup is luxurious!

After reading the case of celebrity endorsement games, you will inadvertently ask such a question: They have made so many movies, is it so short of money? No, they are not short of money, but who would dislike too much money, under the temptation of capital, celebrities can’t resist it. Of course, this is a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. For game merchants and celebrities, it is also the gameplay of big players.

Gameplay 3: Bring in small plots, closer to users’ lives

Scenarios can be regarded as the third largest gameplay in 2020. It is divided into real scenarios and virtual scenarios. I found a large number of scenario videos from the tools for comparative analysis and found that the design of virtual scenarios is more focused on users The emotions resonate. The real small scenario is mainly to mobilize the user’s emotions, in order to inspire the user to do a certain thing, or directly identify with the user material, closer the distance with the user, and help the user solve some problems. Life issues.

Thanks to the development of short video, advertising is no longer like the previous hard-broadcasting method. It is more infused with inner emotional factors and resonates with users to firmly grasp users. In order to better illustrate this point, I also found three small scenarios for illustration.

Small scenario case ①: The official fighting game “Need for Little County” directly uses the built-in characters of the game to set the plot, the picture quality is very beautiful, the dubbing and letters bring emotional resonance to users, especially female users.

Small scenario case ②: The small scenario of “Raising a Dinosaur in Full Name” is essentially a screen recording. The scenario is created through dubbing, which is extremely inspiring and creates an imagination space for users to play at will.

Small scenario case ③: From the user’s perspective, “Tianya Mingyue Knife” shows the user a small life scene that is easy to think of. The cute girl acts like a baby and asks the little brother to change roles. The plot is very grounded.

After reading the above small plot gameplay, do you really admire the game dealers’ gameplay methods, but the use of small plot gameplay needs to combine the characteristics of the product and the audience users, and blindly following the trend of learning may be counterproductive. It is not an exaggeration to classify it as the third largest gameplay.

Gameplay 4: KOL introduces planting grass

KOLs have opinion leaders in all walks of life, they are appealing, and they are also a regular means for many operations to promote products. KOL is used well, he will be a flashpoint, multiple flashpoints can be combined to cover the surface, of course, this kind of gameplay is indispensable in the game.

The following is from the annual report of ADX. I found several creative gameplays of KOL planting grass. There are Wang Nima, Chen Xiang, 6:30, Unfeeling Awei, etc. These videos are very representative. For your reference. The investment in this kind of gameplay is relatively small, and small and medium game vendors can afford it.

Gameplay 5: Grab the current hot spot and rub a wave

If you are a reporter, then you will definitely pay attention to current hot topics. Whether in the entertainment or Internet circles, hot spots must be the most familiar routines that everyone plays, because hot spots can bring more exposure and at the same time attract the attention of current users. Therefore, for advertising game manufacturers, hot spots must not be missed.

Here I am the fifth biggest gameplay in 2020. After all, hotspots are not easy to rub. You need to have the right time and place to be able to get them. The downside of hotspots is that they are too time-sensitive and generally last for a short time Therefore, it is necessary to make adjustments in time and wait for the emergence of hot spots.

And in 2020’s hot spot buying ideas, “working as a worker, working spirit, and working as a master” is undoubtedly the biggest hot spot. Overnight, hitting a worker has become a well-known mantra.

Gameplay 6: Official statement, increase prestige

If you are not familiar with this kind of gameplay, then I remind you, when you think about news broadcasts or government agencies issuing official statements or announcements, do you believe it very much? Due to the fierce market competition, users are already very weak on advertising. Therefore, gaining the trust of users is the first task, based on this idea. The officially declared routine gameplay is out.

I believe you have seen the joint purchase of kitchen knives. In order to let everyone buy it, it is not a shield to cut bones and stones with a kitchen knife. Our game dealer has such a momentum and style. I found a few cases from them, as follows:

Case ①: “Legend” held an apology meeting to the players in an official capacity to win the players’ trust!

Video case ②: “2048 Ball Bumper Music” directly reproduces the problems encountered by users and directly occupies users’ cognition.

There are many ways to play similar to official voices. I will not list them one by one here. The game business has only one purpose, which is to occupy the user’s perception, change the user’s view of the first product, and forge the brand impression.

Final summary

The buying volume market is unpredictable, with head game companies basically occupying most of the market, and players in the game industry are accelerating their reshuffle. The game products endorsed by celebrities are basically the top game vendors. Game products tend to be more high-quality, shoddy products are no longer welcome in the market, and the integration of product and effect is the mainstream gameplay. The buying volume market is undergoing a transitional period from the “effect advertising” play to a more three-dimensional play of “product and effect”. With the advent of the era of short video screens, game purchase creativity has completely entered the era of short video content marketing. Therefore, the creativity and quality of the advertising material are the key factors that determine the effect, and the content of the video material is mainly 3D video and real scenes, which are closer to the lives of users.

The above is an inventory of purchase ideas for mobile games this time. In 2021, I believe that on the basis of these gameplays, there will be more new purchase ideas coming out, hoping to bring some thoughts to friends in the industry.

Picture and data source: BigBigAds ( Please indicate the data source for reprinting


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