"Intrusion" center to choose the largest automatic parcel in Vietnam of ViettelPost - VnReview

"Intrusion" center to choose the largest automatic parcel in Vietnam of ViettelPost – VnReview

Automatic mail-order conveyors are helping Viettel Post Corporation (ViettelPost) to shorten an average of 4-6 hours in the total time of postal items.

Since July last year, ViettelPost has officially put into operation the first automatic mail-order conveyor with 43 outputs, producing 15,000 mailers per hour. However, the hot growth rate has made Viettelpost soon to invest, upgrading the chain of picking up 260 outputs, producing 36,000 parcels per hour. This is an automatic selection conveyor with the largest capacity in Vietnam today.

ViettelPost currently has 6 centers for automatic mail-order conveyor belting nationwide, in which Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City each have 2 centers, one center in Danang and one center in Can Tho. These exploitation centers are managed by Logistics Company under ViettelPost and are responsible for selecting postal items and connecting to 86 branches in 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Each center for automatic parcel selection has an area of ​​15,000 – 20,000 m2.

Mr. Pham Van Tuyen, director of operation center of Viettel Post, said that currently 90-95% of ViettelPost's output is exploited and divided through exploitation centers by automatic conveyor. For goods under 30kg, Viettelpost will automatically share, while the remaining heavy goods will be manually sold on the conveyor. Currently, ViettelPost's automatic conveyor conveyor belt is the only conveyor belt in Vietnam to select parcels of up to 30kg.

According to Mr. Tuyen, ViettelPost determined that the mailing process will decide 80% of the quality of the postal service. The introduction of the postal center has automatically shortened the entire time of 4-6 hours of postal items, reduced 86% of manpower and 48% of labor costs. At the same time, the rate of damage to goods and parcels also decreased significantly, the error rate in the selection was almost zero.

ViettelPost's exploitation center is located in Nam Tu Liem industrial park, Hanoi. This is the place where parcels are gathered to automatically choose to send routes.

The parcel is gathered to the Nam Tu Liem exploitation center to be put into automatic selection conveyor.

Each automatic mailing conveyor belt has 5 heads to transfer the parcel to the conveyor.

The parcel after being put into the selected line will be automatically divided to each output as districts.

The parcel selection is done automatically by barcode recognition technology and image analysis with very fast speed and high accuracy.

According to ViettelPost, parcel selection by automatic conveyor reduces 86% of manpower and 48% of labor cost compared to previous manual method.

The parcel is automatically selected by the conveyor to the outputs. Automatic sharing conveyor in Nam Tu Liem has 260 outputs.

Each output is a service area of ​​ViettelPost, specifically the districts of each locality.

Each output is attached with a bar code, clear area code for employees to take the parcel without mistake.

Heavy parcels of over 30kg will be transferred via semi-manual conveyor. Each of Viettel's parcel sharing centers now has this semi-manual conveyor. ViettelPost is currently the only postal enterprise in Vietnam that can choose to automatically parcel up to 30kg.

Overview of automatic selection conveyor. Each ViettelPost automatic mailing center now has an area of ​​10,000 – 20,000 square meters.


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